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Chris Roberts croberts at croberts.org
Tue Mar 3 15:59:17 UTC 2015

Published :)

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On 3 March 2015 at 03:53, Chris Roberts <croberts at croberts.org> wrote:
Which post is this?

Missed to update post title here. "Fedora community in Mumbai, India celebrates the Fedora 21 release"


Pravin Satpute


- Chris

>>> "Chris Roberts" <croberts at croberts.org> 03/02/15 1:47 PM >>>

Hi Pravin,

 will go ahead and publish this. 

Chris Roberts

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On 16 February 2015 at 15:55, Trupti Kini <kinitrupti at gmail.com> wrote:

I have made the necessary alterations. Please let me know if anything else is required.

Thanks Trupti for an update.

Can someone help to review and publish this? Already couple of reviews. :)


Pravin Satpute




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