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Tue Mar 3 18:47:22 UTC 2015

On (Mon) 02 Mar 2015 [13:27:18], Amit Shah wrote:
> On (Sun) 01 Mar 2015 [17:00:07], Anisha Narang wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I have been working with Red Hat for nearly two years now. I mostly do web application testing and write automated tests. I have worked with Selenium(using Python)[1] and currently I am working with Cucumber + Watir (using ruby). I recently talked about 'Choose a testing stack that works for you'[3] at Dev Conf, Brno 2015. I enjoy networking with people and learning new stuff :)
> > Some links here:
> > [1] 'Let's talk testing with Selenium' ->
> > [2] Biting into Cucumber and watir ->
> > [3] 'Choose a testing stack that works for you' ->
> > [4]
> > [5] Blog ->
> > 
> > 
> > Regarding review post for Fedora Magazine:
> > 
> > As FUDCon 2015 is approaching and we are left with 8 days for the CFP to close, I have written an article titled "Hurry up with CFP for FUDCon 2015!" for Fedora Magazine for those who haven't submitted their talk proposals yet. It has not been reviewed yet. Can anybody review the article and let me know if this is relevant to be published. Also, share the feedback if any.
> > The copy of it on my personal blog is here[6].
> We want to do a reminder post, for people who are waiting for the last
> day to come up.
> Our plan (so far) was to get the post published on Wednesday.
> However, I have a couple of points to discuss about it, and will raise
> them during tomorrow's meeting.

What I wanted to bring up was that FUDCons have followed the barcamp
style, which means topics can be suggested for sessions till the day
of the conference.  Us closing the CFP this early means we'll be
missing out on some good content from people who are present at the
conf, and want to talk about something.  So the idea is to have a
couple of additional tracks (MIT, the venue, has plenty rooms to
spare), where we have unscheduled (ie non-cfp) talks.

This proposal was accepted by all who attended the meeting today, so
let's not rush for a post on the last day of CFP; instead we'll do a
post later telling CFP is closed, but we still are doing barcamp
style talks, so people present don't miss out.

That also gives more incentive for people to turn up.


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