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> Why Fedora magazines are not printed hard copy?

There are a couple of reasons that come to mind.

First there are the cost factors. There are many costs involved in making
printed copies available from everything from physical layout, printing,
and distribution. Fedora is not an entity which can accept payment or has a
budget that can print the magazine. Those costs are sort of 'unknowns' as
you need to have experience in the publishing world to know what they might
be locally (and then have to figure out how to deal with them globally).
Without an idea of the costs then it is hard to look for the budget from
Red Hat or other entities to make it happen.

Second there are the time factors. The magazine is made from volunteers who
write articles and may have time to edit articles but putting together a
formal newsletter takes a lot of time that many do not have to give.

Third experience. The ability to put together a published magazine and
newsletter takes a lot of skills that most of the writers do not have.

While there has been some interest in making a published 'yearly' summary
magazine, it has not had anyone with the gumption to take it beyond an 'hey
wouldn't it be nice.'

Stephen J Smoogen.
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