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> There are a couple of reasons that come to mind.
> First there are the cost factors. There are many costs involved in making
> printed copies available from everything from physical layout, printing,
> and distribution. Fedora is not an entity which can accept payment or has a
> budget that can print the magazine. Those costs are sort of 'unknowns' as
> you need to have experience in the publishing world to know what they might
> be locally (and then have to figure out how to deal with them globally).
> Without an idea of the costs then it is hard to look for the budget from
> Red Hat or other entities to make it happen.
> Second there are the time factors. The magazine is made from volunteers
> who write articles and may have time to edit articles but putting together
> a formal newsletter takes a lot of time that many do not have to give.
> Third experience. The ability to put together a published magazine and
> newsletter takes a lot of skills that most of the writers do not have.
> While there has been some interest in making a published 'yearly' summary
> magazine, it has not had anyone with the gumption to take it beyond an 'hey
> wouldn't it be nice.'
> Ohk!
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