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Sorry for breaking the thread and top posting w my awful mobile client....

Do we have stats showing any difference in traffic to community vs user oriented content?

I'd argue planet.fpo is the contributor version.... and magazine is the user version. I liked Paul's idea of having the default on the front page being user focused content instead of all. An idea is that the contributor focused stuff could get posted to planet via fedora mags rss feed which links back to fedoramag, but not promoted as the user content is.

I think youre going to get a better site overall by making a choice rather than straddling the two audiences. There is such a dearth of Fedora user-focused content in general I really think better to make fedoramag for them since they need it. You could better serve contributors with some curation on planet.fpo (display planet.fpo curated by default?) or by getting individuals already listed on planet to make more better posts. (And the hubs, when they are ready :) )

Re underground silo.... what kinds of critical contributor content are you most concerned about?  would planet.fpo not serve that content well?

If the concern is that planet posts are fleeting, could we stand up another wp - very informal - for the contrib focused stuff... but no front end, brand identity, or anything, just an rss feed to be slurped into planet but the posts / comments / stats would be stored in the wp?


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</div>On Tue, Mar 10, 2015 at 05:55:39PM -0400, Ryan Lerch wrote:
> >It does.  One of my concerns has been the invasion of inward-looking
> >Fedora community articles, which seem out of place for appealing to a
> >broad audience.  (e.g. "What's FESCo?")  At first the idea of a
> >separate site appeals to me.
> I really like this idea. It would allow us to have select content
> about the community on the user-facing site, with a link to the post
> on the community-focussed site.

So, what I was going for in suggesting the user/contributor categories
kind of _is_ like having a mini separate site, like this suggestion but
with a lot less overhead both in systems administration and in blog
administration. A whole 'nother site would double the workload, and
we're largely depending on (awesome — thanks!) volunteer efforts for
this as it is.

I'm also concerned with too strong of a divide meaning that the
important contributor-focused articles end up in yet another
underground silo somewhere... we've had a hard enough time building up
the magazine as a place to look.

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