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Máirín Duffy duffy at
Wed Mar 11 15:58:33 UTC 2015

On 03/11/2015 11:44 AM, Paul W. Frields wrote:
>> I think youre going to get a better site overall by making a choice
>> rather than straddling the two audiences. There is such a dearth of
>> Fedora user-focused content in general I really think better to make
>> fedoramag for them since they need it. You could better serve
>> contributors with some curation on planet.fpo (display planet.fpo
>> curated by default?) or by getting individuals already listed on
>> planet to make more better posts. (And the hubs, when they are ready
>> :) )
> +1 here too.

FWIW I brought up the dilemma between user and contributor that we're 
talking about here to Rikki Endsley, who has a ton of experience as a 
magazine publish & managing editor for a bunch of publications like 
Ubuntu User, Linux Pro Magazine, SysAdmin magazine, etc. ... I thought 
with her experience she'd probably run into similar dilemmas and might 
have some good advice / words of wisdom.

She agreed that having the magazine focus on one audience would make it 
stronger and that Fedora's contributors don't really need a magazine - 
she recommended focusing on howto articles, tutorials, lists of best 
apps, tips/tricks, updating advice and that kind of content with a 
strong user focus.

>> Re underground silo.... what kinds of critical contributor content
>> are you most concerned about?  would planet.fpo not serve that
>> content well?
>> If the concern is that planet posts are fleeting, could we stand up
>> another wp - very informal - for the contrib focused stuff... but no
>> front end, brand identity, or anything, just an rss feed to be
>> slurped into planet but the posts / comments / stats would be stored
>> in the wp?
> This is an interesting idea; does it mean that we would route *only*
> contributor-focused articles to Planet?  I actually think that could
> be smart to improve Planet relevance/coherence.

It could mean that :) If we did that I'd suggest maybe a prominent link 
to Fedora Magazine from Planet somewhere (so the contributors know where 
to point their friends who use Fedora, and also so if a user ends up at 
Planet Fedora they find a place that is more helpful for them?)


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