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On 03/11/2015 11:58 AM, Máirín Duffy wrote:
> FWIW I brought up the dilemma between user and contributor that we're
> talking about here to Rikki Endsley, who has a ton of experience as a
> magazine publish & managing editor for a bunch of publications like
> Ubuntu User, Linux Pro Magazine, SysAdmin magazine, etc. ... I thought
> with her experience she'd probably run into similar dilemmas and might
> have some good advice / words of wisdom.
> She agreed that having the magazine focus on one audience would make it
> stronger and that Fedora's contributors don't really need a magazine -
> she recommended focusing on howto articles, tutorials, lists of best
> apps, tips/tricks, updating advice and that kind of content with a
> strong user focus.

Hrm. I'm going to disagree here. We have a wide and diverse community
that (I feel) benefits from having content for contributors as well as
users on Fedora Magazine.

I guess my question here is, if I come to Fedora Magazine with a
contributor-focused article - is it going to be turned away? Traditional
publishing structures have value, but we're also lacking the same
incentives (e.g. money) for writing content that a publication like
Linux Pro Magazine has.

Is the focus being proposed here going to lead to more or less material
being written about Fedora?

>>> Re underground silo.... what kinds of critical contributor content
>>> are you most concerned about?  would planet.fpo not serve that
>>> content well?

Planet.fpo does not serve the same function as the magazine well.


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