Magazine workflow

Ryan Lerch rlerch at
Tue Mar 17 18:57:52 UTC 2015

Currently, we are using a pretty stock wordpress when it comes to 
editing workflow. However for a larger multi-writer / editor blog like 
we have going in the magazine, it is not really working.

WE have a bunch of posts in the Pending state, some that are now a 
little out-of-date to post, mainly because no-one knew they were written.

Another issue is providing editiorial feedback to writers -- we tried to 
work around this with filing trac tickets, but that isn't really working.

Long story short, I have been looking at the editflow plugin[1] to try 
to streamline some of this, and make our publishing workflow a lot 
better. Check it out, and i should have some details on how we will use 
this soon.


[1] -

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