Self-Introduction: Mohammad Matini

Mohammad Matini mohammad.matini at
Sun Mar 22 20:14:55 UTC 2015


My name is Mohammad Matini. I live in Damascus, Syria. My Fedora Account 
System user-name is "mohammadmatini", and you can find me on IRC as 

I use Fedora everyday, as my main OS. I chose it after around two years 
of distro hopping. I liked it's philosophy I guess. It just felt right.

I write things. A lot of things. Mostly for myself. Journals, notes, 
stories, etc.
I like writing, so I thought I should write more.

I've been visiting the Fedora Magazine frequently since I started using 
the operating system. I thought there has to be some way to contribute 
to it. After looking around, I found the Marketing Team.
So I came here.

I'd like to help Fedora by contributing articles to the Fedora Magazine.

Although I'm not exactly sure what I should be writing about. Maybe 
software highlights, or instructions about doing something? I think I 
could use some help in figuring that out.

I never worked on any serious marketing projects before. This is also 
the first time I join a major FOSS project.

Besides writing I have an interest in the visual arts (mainly digital 
painting), and programming (currently learning C++).
I'm also into organization and planning.

I already created an account in the magazine's website using my Fedora 
Please direct me to what needs to be done next.

Thank you for your efforts in making Fedora a great operating system. 
I'm looking forward to being part of the effort.

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