Hello everyone: My name is Pintomatic working on FOSCO Executive Dashboard.

Cesar Pinto cesar.a.pinto at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 16:53:00 UTC 2015

I am Pintomatic, aka. Cesar Pinto, working with Red Hat in Business
Development and excited to contribute to the Fedora project on this

I´ve been involved with EMEA Ambassadors and also on the FOSCO initiative ,
Interested to become work on putting together a dashboard of strategic
metrics to support project leadership and inform decision making, I´ve
heard of some interesting initiatives on progress already (
http://thisweekinfedora.org/), would be great to connect with the team and
see how we could work together.

There is an initiative in question to create an executive dashboard to be
used by FOSCO and to be distributed project-wide to the leadership, by
aggregating information from various places and presenting it in a simple
manner. If some of you are working on this area and can offer some advise
or would like to connect with me for this strategic project that would be

Why FOSCO wants to create an Executive Dashboard?

Visibility: FOSCO Executive Dashboard gives the project great visibility
and insight. We could inform the project leaders exactly what’s going on in
key aspects of the project which will allows for better focus and resource

Ongoing Improvements: We have all heard it “if you can’t measure it, you
can’t improve it.” The FOSCO Executive Dashboard will allow us to measure
performance throughout the project and thus improve it.

Performance Against Plan: Making sure the overall project is performing to
a commonly agreed set of expectations is a key priority. The FOSCO
Executive Dashboard could do just that. In theory, we could show how we are
performing against our commonly agreed goals from the agreed plans versus
our actual, real-time results.

Contributor-Level Performance Improvements: When contributors know their
performance is being visible in a dashboard, and can see their results,
they innately start to improve their work.

2 things

I am

 seeking input / support


- Choosing what metrics to track.

- Building the dashboard.

If anyone would like to connect with me to discuss how to get started on
this. that would be most helpful.

Thanks for support!

 César Pinto
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