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Fri Oct 2 18:36:01 UTC 2015

On Thu, Oct 01, 2015 at 08:27:51PM +1000, Ryan Lerch wrote:
> In the meeting last week, i was tasked with editing the first systemd
> article here:
> however, on review, i found that this was quite far from what we discussed
> in the meeting for the first entry-level article in the series. So i created
> a new article for Part 0 (as i am calling it) of the systemd series:
> It basically covers the question of what an init system is, and what it does
> -- with little about systemd itself (hence the part 0).
> Any thoughts on if this is a good start to the series, (and also a technical
> review would also be good).

We talked about this a bit in the meeting last night, so anyone should
feel free to check the log if needed:

The upshot was, this draft makes a bit more sense as an introduction,
but could use a bit of sprucing up still -- one example being to
describe extended systemd functionality (beyond boot/init) and why
it's baked in there.  (I anticipate a bunch of hater comments anyhow,
but whatevs.) :-D

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