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> Subject: Magazine theme updates
> Hi all,
> I have been working on the magazine theme, trying to get a bit of
> functionaltuy in place for the upcoming systemd series.
> Here is a quick test of it working on a sample wordpress:
> It uses a wordpress custom taxonomy to group the posts and display them
> in the sidebar if a post is part of a series.

That's a nice feature -- looks good!

One bit of comment on the theme more generally -- I really like to see
date and author up near the top of a page. Those bits of information
are extremely important when you see a post and decide whether or 
not to read on. Old posts are worth much less than current posts,
and a trusted/recognizable name goes a long way to establishing
interest -- I get annoyed when I have to scroll around for this info.

I mention it here because when I saw the subject line, this is one 
of the updates I was wishing to see. :)

Regards, Jason

> You can create a new series in the menu item in the dashboard Posts >
> Post Series, and then you can add posts to a specific series in the editor.
> In another quick edit in this version of the theme, i changed the recent
> posts widget so it doesnt show the post you are viewing in the recent posts.
> Will try to get this version of the theme up on the stage ASAP so you
> all can have a proper look at it.
> cheer,s
> ryanlerch
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