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Justin W. Flory jflory7 at
Mon Jan 4 00:42:48 UTC 2016

On 01/03/2016 12:55 AM, charles profitt wrote:
> Hello All:
> Another article in the How Do You Fedora series is ready for review. I
> am hoping to get one additional piece of artwork prior to publication.

I just had a quick review and did some quick edits. Looks good to me! It 
is scheduled to go out tomorrow at 8:00 UTC.

Really awesome to know I had an impact, woohoo! Really made my day to 
see that line. :)

If anyone doesn't see the article at or after the scheduled time, please 
poke Patrick (puiterwijk) in #fedora-mktg. We've been having a few 
issues with the automatic scheduling, but I think he came up with a fix 
that should have corrected it. If it doesn't go out on time, just let 
him know so he can take a look at it first before manually pushing it out.

Justin W. Flory
jflory7 at

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