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On Wed, 2016-01-06 at 23:29 +0800, Huiren Woo wrote:
> Hi, my name is Woo Huiren and I live in Singapore. FOSS and OSS is
> not very popular here, and proprietary software (Micro$oft, Ci$co)
> dominates our country. 

Perhaps not out in the open, but behind the scenes in the
infrastructure you will likely find FOSS. Some examples are:
 - EMC uses openSUSE to run its VPLEX software
 - HP uses CentOS on its Storeanywhere line
 - VMWare uses openSUSE for its Vcenter appliance
 - Aruba networks uses CentOS

> My Fedora Account System (FAS) username is Woohuiren, and my IRC is
> GIANT_CRAB. I'm currently a Fedora Ambassador but I would like to
> participate in more collaborative marketing efforts and learn more
> about Fedora's marketing team. 

I bet GIANT_CRAB is an interesting story.

> Why Fedora? I joined Fedora because I was very impressed with its
> innovation and cutting edge technology. (I love being on the bleeding
> edge) Currently, I run Fedora on most of my servers while CentOS on
> the remaining. For my laptops/workstation, I don't have a Fedora
> setup yet but I'll get started on that soon, probably Wine is needed
> as my school requires me to use Micro$oft software. 

Consider virtualizing Windows using Boxes or VirtualBox. I do this at
work for all the things I need Windows.

> What do I do? I am a web developer who is currently pursuing a
> Diploma in IT, with a major in Infocomm Sales and Marketing. I enjoy
> blogging and web design. I also tweet on Twitter (@woohuiren) about
> Fedora related things. Please don't mind my fairly bad attempts at
> promoting Fedora; still trying to learn hahaha. 

Everyone here will be willing to assist and guide you in your efforts
to promote Fedora and FOSS.

Welcome Aboard!

Charles Profitt
Open Source Advocate

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