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Paul W. Frields stickster at
Thu Jan 7 23:10:15 UTC 2016

If you want to try your hand at making a banner image for the
Magazine, start by using the templates that Ryan has helpfully
provided.  You'll need the Inkscape app installed.

1. Open a terminal.

2. (optional) Change directory to the folder where you like to store
your project work.

    $ cd projects        # or some other folder

3. Clone the repository

    $ git clone

4. Open Inkscape, and choose File > Open... (or Ctrl+O).  Navigate to
the project folder, then into "fedoramagazine-images", then into
"images."  Choose the "template.svg" file.

5. Save this as a *new* file with a different name.

You can use the assets inside this file to start with the right sized
document, with some pre-configured backgrounds.  Feel free to look at
other SVGs for guidance.  Try to stick with fonts and motifs that you
see in recent banners.  But also feel free to experiment.  For
instance, use photographs (freely licensed, such as CC-BY or CC-BY-SA)
with a text overlay for a nice look.

If you'd like to post your work somewhere, it's helpful to convert it
to a JPG first.  Save your SVG in the "fedoramagazine-images/images/"
folder as above.  Let's say it's called "mybanner.svg".  Open a
terminal, go to that directory, and type "make mybanner.jpg" and that
will create the correct sized JPG for you.  You can post that online,
and post the URL of the JPG to this list.

* Don't attach files to email to this list -- URLs are preferred.


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