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Hello Mr Flory,

I couldn't agree more with what you have said, content from the magazine is great and should be shared throughout our channels but that's most of the content we put up. We need to think of other content we can put forward to widen our community. As I have stated in my email responding to Mr Decausemaker, I will put forward suggestions in the social media mailing list.

Kind Regards,
Beau Mathieson

On 9 January 2016 4:04:31 am LHDT, "Justin W. Flory" <jflory7 at> wrote:
>On 01/08/2016 11:45 AM, Remy DeCausemaker wrote:
>> On Jan 8, 2016 12:29 AM, "Beau Mathieson" <personal at
>> <mailto:personal at>> wrote:
>>  >
>>  > Hi all,
>>  >
>>  > I have noticed that our primary Facebook and Twitter accounts are
>>  > gearing their content more toward a user who has technical
>knowledge or
>>  > is already a user of Fedora. Content about systemd, python,
>>  > etc aren't going to draw in potential users of a non technical
>>  > background or one who has never used any Linux operating system
>>  > I believe it's best to keep that content to the magazine and use
>>  > media to draw potential users in. Maybe we should use social media
>>  > target the everyday user. By doing that we could gain a lot more
>>  > and potential contributors and maybe we could even gain more of a
>>  > in the market. We have a chance to do something amazing!
>>  >
>>  > Kind regards,
>>  > Beau Mathieson
>> Beau,
>> We have a newish tool: social-media at
>> <mailto:social-media at> as an address where we
>> aggregate links and content that should be broadcasted across our
>> channels. If you have content of the sort you are describing above,
>> can send a quick message to that list to get it on the collective
>> radar. Please send there, and feel free to subscribe too and
>> individually promote content if you'd like
>> Welcome Welcome,
>> --RemyD.
>> P.S. - if you aren't there already, I would highly recommend joining
>> #fedora-mktg and #fedora-commops on freenode, where you'll find many
>> the interested parties from this mail list are discussing this type
>> stuff in real time.
>Remy mentioned a good resource with the social-media mailing list, as 
>well as both #fedora-mktg and #fedora-commops on Freenode IRC.
>In addition to your comments about the strategy for social media, I
>feel like it could be taken advantage of in a bigger or better way. 
>Often times, it feels like all our social media channels do is promote 
>content from the Fedora Magazine. I think this role is a good one as 
>there is a lot of content on the Magazine that may interest the larger 
>Fedora community of both users, developers, contributors, and more. But
>I think it could be more than just the Magazine.
>The best example I can think of this was a month or two ago, when I 
>noticed that the Fedora Facebook page posted a random question, "What 
>email client do you use on Fedora?" It was a short and simple question,
>but it was one of the most well-engaged posts I've seen in a while. As 
>of now, that post is sitting at 94 comments.
>I think it would be a good idea to post more things like this to our 
>social media channels too. I think it might give a little bit more of a
>connection between Fedora and users when they can interact in ways like
>this - the result of this possibly being a stronger loyalty of users to
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