Live streaming from SCALE14x

Lord Drachenblut lord.drachenblut at
Fri Jan 15 00:58:38 UTC 2016

Hey folks.  Wanted to let people know that I'll be live streaming from the
Fedora SCALE booth to the Fedora YouTube channel.  Any questions comments
or feedback of things people would like to see us accomplish with this
would be appreciated.

I'll be doing atleast a two camera and two microphone setup for the
stream.  Also is the possibility that I can capture screens from secondary
machines for demonstrations but that isn't set in stone yet.

One thing I would appreciate some help with is a Fedora inspired banner I
could use as a lower third.  Something with the Fedora logo and space for
two lines of text.


Matthew "lord drachenblut" Williams


Matthew "Lord Drachenblut" Williams
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