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Hi Fabio, and welcome to the Marketing team! I will reply in-line to 
your email.

On 01/18/2016 05:56 AM, Fabio Alessandro Locati wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm fale, a Fedora user, ambassador and packager.
> You can find basic information about me on my Wiki page [0], so I'll not
> repeat those.
I think it's great that you're deciding to get involved with Marketing 
in addition to those areas. You bring a unique perspective both as 
someone active in the code of Fedora and also in the field as an 
Ambassador. Having this additional perspectives can help add to your 
contributions in Marketing. :)

> I'd like to help out more in the marketing side, because when I'm out
> there as an ambassador, I often find myself to think that the
> communication is not always clear due to some inconsistencies that are
> present in the documentation, wiki, websites of the project itself.
> Therefore I'd like to help out addressing those issues.
> Another thing that I noticed is that sometimes people make comparison
> between Fedora and other distro/OS based on what they read on their
> favourite blogs/twitter/planet and solely based on those thing they make
> their idea about the quantity of available software as well as it's
> quality. For this reason I'd also like to help out speaking (like on the
> Magazine) about some packages I'm taking care of.
> For those reasons, I'd like to help out the Marketing team.
> The first things I'd like to do are:
> - clean up/sort/order the outreach wiki pages that are pretty messy
>    (I've seen that the Italian community has tens of pages that are
>    completely outdated laying around)
Wiki gardening has been a hot topic lately, and it's something that the 
Fedora Community Operations (CommOps) team is helping handle and 
improve. Specifically on the topic of Outreach, this is an area that 
we've been working closely with, especially with Fedora's recent 
involvement with the Outreachy program.

I recommend that you also check out the CommOps team too and see what's 
going on over there. You may find that there are things that you may be 
able to help with there too. :)

> - an article about AWS CLI and boto3 that just arrived to Fedora (I'm
>    working toward bringing those to EL too)
> - an article about NSD4 that is in testing right now
That's awesome that you're looking to contribute to the Magazine! There 
are a few resources in place that will help you get started writing.

Firstly, read this page about the writing process for the Magazine and 
the different stages of articles. Everything starts off as a pitch, and 
to help prevent wasted time, your article "idea" starts as a pitch, then 
becomes a draft, and then will be ready for editing and review before 
final publishing.

Writing a good pitch is also helpful not only to help clarify your idea, 
but it's also a good time for you to plan out a rough outline of what 
you want to write about. See this page about writing a good pitch.

> I hope to be able to help out a lot,
> Best regards,
> Fabio A Locati
> [0]

Looking forward to seeing you more in Marketing! If you're free on 
Thursdays at 22:00 UTC, you should come to the weekly Magazine editorial 
board meetings.

Also, check out this poll and add your free time to it for helping plan 
2016 Marketing meetings. We're looking at picking these back up soon, so 
it's not too late to add your times.

Justin W. Flory
jflory7 at

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