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Gabriele Trombini g.trombini at
Mon Jan 18 17:06:07 UTC 2016

Il giorno lun, 18/01/2016 alle 11.56 +0100, Fabio Alessandro Locati ha
> Hi,
> I'm fale, a Fedora user, ambassador and packager.
> You can find basic information about me on my Wiki page [0], so I'll
> not
> repeat those.

Hello Fale, I think I alredy know you.....

> I'd like to help out more in the marketing side, because when I'm out
> there as an ambassador, I often find myself to think that the
> communication is not always clear due to some inconsistencies that
> are
> present in the documentation, wiki, websites of the project itself.
> Therefore I'd like to help out addressing those issues.

You're welcome....

> Another thing that I noticed is that sometimes people make comparison
> between Fedora and other distro/OS based on what they read on their
> favourite blogs/twitter/planet and solely based on those thing they
> make
> their idea about the quantity of available software as well as it's
> quality. For this reason I'd also like to help out speaking (like on
> the
> Magazine) about some packages I'm taking care of.

The Fedora Project Ambassadors should "just focus on the strengths of
Fedora" [1] instead of get challenges against  other distros.

> For those reasons, I'd like to help out the Marketing team.
> The first things I'd like to do are:
> - clean up/sort/order the outreach wiki pages that are pretty messy
>   (I've seen that the Italian community has tens of pages that are
>   completely outdated laying around)
> - an article about AWS CLI and boto3 that just arrived to Fedora (I'm
>   working toward bringing those to EL too)
> - an article about NSD4 that is in testing right now
> I hope to be able to help out a lot,
> Best regards,
> Fabio A Locati

Thank you! If you need any info, just ping me, you know how to find me.



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