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Thu Jan 21 16:45:46 UTC 2016

On Thu, Jan 21, 2016 at 11:06:13AM -0200, Sylvia Sánchez wrote:
> Ah, okay. I'll make a bigger picture, no problem.
> But the image itself is alright or should I paint or shoot something else?

This image seems very bright and saturated to me.  But that may not be
a bad thing if you are trying to highlight the crazy things you can do
with a tool.

For a series, though, it would be helpful if the banner is more
standardized.  That way it's easy for other people to help create them
for future articles.  Notice how the banners for the systemd series
has a theme.  Check out the right side of this article and see the
banners for all the entries in the series:

Notice also that each banner has wording that tells the viewer what to
expect in the article.  That's helpful for a series as well.  Each
featured image banner is used not just on the Magazine site, but also
in social media to attract readers.  People often look at the image
before they read any text, and this can draw them to read the article.

I would recommend having a more "standardized" banner for the featured
image that sits above the article and in social media.

But then you could use this type of "artistic" image in the body of
the article.  That could immediately follow the introductory paragraph
to show off some output from the design tool.  (That would be
different from images of the tool itself, which could be in
screenshots later in the article.)  I think that might be a very
interesting way to entice people to keep reading.

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