[Magazine] "Installing Fedora for Dummies" article

Justin W. Flory jflory7 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 04:11:56 UTC 2016

Hi Bryan,

This is a follow-up in regards to the "Installing Fedora for Dummies"
article that you currently have as a pitch in the Magazine.

We discussed the pitch in our meeting tonight, and after some
discussion, we decided that with the extensive documentation written by
the Docs Team and how regularly updated it is, it may be a better idea
to reframe this article as a pointer for where to find the most current
information for installing Fedora, and then linking to the Docs page.

The reason why we think this would be the best thing to do is that we
would have to keep the responsibility of updating the article each
release (which could be forgotten) and it might send an accidental
message to readers who turn to the Magazine for help when the Docs Team
spends a good portion of their time helping make the entire installation
process as "easy" as possible.

Let us know if you're still interested in writing this, and if so, do
you have a rough idea of when you could have this drafted? Thanks for
your participation with the Magazine!

Justin W. Flory
jflory7 at gmail.com

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