[Magazine] F24 wallpaper article?

Justin W. Flory jflory7 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 19:27:58 UTC 2016

On 01/21/2016 10:29 PM, Justin W. Flory wrote:
> On 01/14/2016 07:08 PM, S.Kemter wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Nope he is not ready for review, he needs an little entry and I still
>> try to find out if the GSoC student has finished his project and we can
>> integrate it in it, what would be another new thing then.
>> Yes it will be a specific date, the 15th of February, so there is still
>> time.
>> br gnokii
> Hi Sirko,
> Just wanted to follow up on this article. You mentioned you wanted to
> see if you could integrate the work of the GSoC student, and I notice
> there's a paragraph or two that seem incomplete. No rush since this
> article is intended to be published so far ahead. :)
> If you can just let the list know once the article is finished and ready
> for review, we can schedule it and forget once it's finished.
> Thanks for writing!

Hi Sirko,

Just following up again -- we have scheduled the article for February
15th like you said. As of now, it will be automatically pushed out then.

We weren't sure if you had any other edits to make or if you still
wanted to add anything on to it. It will still be editable by you, but
just wanted to give you early notification that it is set to be
published automatically on that date.

Thanks again for putting this together!

Justin W. Flory
jflory7 at gmail.com

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