Marketing materials for Python events

Jiri Eischmann eischmann at
Tue Mar 1 14:01:55 UTC 2016

as Matthew announced at our primary marketing focus for this
year are Python developers. 
In EMEA, we've reacted and increased the number of Python events in the
list of planned events (several PyCons, planning to be at EuroPython
again...), but I realized we're not ready for that at all, or at least
I'm not aware of anything.

We have no marketing materials. Miro created a "Fedora loves Python"
sticker for Python CZ, but that's all we have in EMEA. Today, we were
offered an opportunity to add our swag in conference bags at PyCon SK,
but we don't have anything usable. Something like a flyer that explains
why Fedora is the right system for a Python developer would be great.

And it's not only about marketing materials, ambassadors should get
instructions what to show Python developers, so that it won't end up
like showcasing a la "hey, Fedora is cool, it has Firefox,
LibreOffice,... and look it has windows just like Windows or Mac". So
we would definitely need at least some talking points.

Is it something that is already being worked on or we have to start it?
If we spend a sizable amount of money to send people to Python
conferences, we should get maximum out of it.

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