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#219: Create Python talking points for Ambassadors
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 Originally discussed in a
 cross-posted mailing list thread].

 = What =
 As was identified by mattdm at DevConf CZ (and earlier discussions),
 Python, Python developers, and Python communities are a major target
 audience for Fedora in 2016. Ambassadors are encouraged to attend and
 promote Fedora in these communities and share how Fedora makes working
 with Python easier, more effective, etc. However, we are not sending them
 out with any documented talking points! Marketing can help with this area.

 = How =
 We have a limited set of resources from the past we can work with. Ruth
 pointed out on the list that there is an existing
 [ Python brochure]
 that was created, but the information on it is old, outdated, and it needs
 some touching up.

 == Brochure update ==
 The solution to this I proposed on the list was:

 1. Identify "hot topics" of Python and create a list.
  * "What makes Python so great on Fedora?"
  * "How is working on Python in Fedora easier than other distros?"
  * "What tools and resources does Fedora offer for Python developers?"
  * "What kind of support is there for Python developers in the project?"
  * "I'm a Python developer and want to help contribute. What can I do to
 2. Submitting a ticket on the Design Team Trac with this info and a
 request to update the flyer for distribution in 2016.

 == Building our resources ==
 Like was mentioned on the list, there are not many resources available
 showing or teaching how Fedora is Python-friendly. Perhaps working with
 our Infrastructure team to get a list of some of the hottest Python
 projects they have and using this as a base is in our interest.

 = When =
 This is an urgent need. Our Ambassadors either are going out or will be
 going out to Python events soon across the world and providing them with
 the resources to effectively market Python + Fedora is the first step.

 * **Tentative Due Date**: End of March, absolute *latest*

 = Open Discussion =
 Thoughts, ideas, or ways we can tackle this are welcome. I am intending to
 add this ticket to the
 2016-03-02 Marketing meeting agenda].

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