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#215: Looking at our Join process
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Comment (by jzb):

 Note - I don't know if an annual event is sufficient because that assumes
 we can focus all interest at that one moment in time.

 I emailed my proposal for what constitutes active engagement, but I'll
 repeat here:

 Just participating in a discussion on the list is *not* a contribution.

 So what are some of the things that are contributions?

 * Managing talking points for one or more editions, or parts of Fedora (a
 spin, a major feature, etc.).

 * Writing / compiling a release announcement - or contributing a large
 section to a release announcement. [Fixing a comma splice is not really a
 significant contribution. Managing a section on the Workstation Edition

 * Working to create one or more flyers or information sheets for an
 edition, Fedora overall, etc.

 * Substantial work helping clean up the Marketing wiki.

 * Creating materials for Fedora Ambassadors for an event, or talking
 points for an event or events.

 * Any observable significant and useful contribution that moves Fedora
 Marketing forward during a release cycle.

 * Mentor and bring in new contributors to marketing. We should be totally
 good with granting membership to anybody who spends a lot of time teaching
 other people the ropes, even if that means their fingerprints are not as
 visible on the finished product as if they created it solo.

 "The Join page should be evaluated and seen if anything can be updated or

 I'd like to remove the bit about the FAS group. People should be added to
 the marketing FAS *after* a release cycle where they've made a substantial
 contribution, not before. There's nothing I'm aware of that requires FAS
 credentials to do work in Marketing. If there is something that requires a
 "marketing" bit to do meaningful work, let's remove that barrier.

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