[PROPOSED] [DISCUSS] Marketing FAS Requirements and Activities

Brian (bex) Exelbierd bex at pobox.com
Thu Mar 3 13:04:51 UTC 2016

On 03/02/2016 01:22 PM, Joe Brockmeier wrote:
> Hey all,
> During the last two weeks' meetings, we discussed membership
> requirements and what it should take to be a member. I recall this
> coming up again and again, and recalled that it had already been decided
> once. The problem is it wasn't recorded!
> This is from an email in 2014 following Flock, when Chris Roberts was
> "marketing lead":
> [Begin Quote]
> During Flock we had a talk about being active contributors and
> membership in the FAS marketing group and we have come to the following:
> To stay active in the FAS group you have to make at least one
> contribution during a release schedule, if you have not made any
> contributions you will be removed from the FAS group.
> We have a lot of inactive members and when I did start to remove people,
> I got a lot of feedback from them saying why they were removed. This
> happens in the FI-Aprentice group where if you do not reply to an email
> each month you are removed. If you are removed from the group and would
> like to rejoin that is totally fine, we want to see contribution in
> order to be in the group.
> I will post this new information on our Marketing wiki page as well.
> [End Quote]
> Cite here: http://markmail.org/message/qghmwa3mlq745bxw
> So my proposal here is that we stick to what's already been agreed and
> stop re-re-discussing this.
> Note to people who say "but I was busy," "I got married that cycle," "I
> was in a coma..." - our response should be "that happens. Contribute
> this cycle, and we'll reinstate you," "congratulations! Contribute this
> cycle, and we'll reinstate you," and "wow! We're so glad you're OK.
> Contribute this cycle, and we'll reinstate you."
> In other words: No exceptions.
> ## What Constitutes a Contribution?
> OK, so maybe what constitutes a contribution is unclear. Let's start
> with what *isn't* something that gets you over the requirement:
> * Saying something on the mailing list.
> Just participating in a discussion on the list is *not* a contribution.
> So what are some of the things that are contributions?
> * Managing talking points for one or more editions, or parts of Fedora
> (a spin, a major feature, etc.).
> * Writing / compiling a release announcement - or contributing a large
> section to a release announcement. [Fixing a comma splice is not really
> a significant contribution. Managing a section on the Workstation
> Edition is.]
> * Working to create one or more flyers or information sheets for an
> edition, Fedora overall, etc.
> * Substantial work helping clean up the Marketing wiki.
> * Creating materials for Fedora Ambassadors for an event, or talking
> points for an event or events.
> * Any observable significant and useful contribution that moves Fedora
> Marketing forward during a release cycle.
> * Mentor and bring in new contributors to marketing. We should be
> totally good with granting membership to anybody who spends a lot of
> time teaching other people the ropes, even if that means their
> fingerprints are not as visible on the finished product as if they
> created it solo.
> ## Also Proposed
> I hope you've read this far - because I have one more proposal:
> * We edit the wiki to remove the "add yourself to the FAS group" bit.
> (This page:
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Joining_the_Fedora_marketing_project)
> Thoughts, comments, flames?

As a non-member, this is exactly what I would want to read on the groups 
wiki page.  This is also exactly what I would expect.  If I am not 
active, I am not in the group.  Membership isn't a sticker to be 
collected for my laptop, it is a recognition of my contributions.

That said, it may be worth archiving who was members during which cycles 
for some period to preserve historical recognition, especially if there 
isn't an existing record like a commit log.



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