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#222: Publicizing "Fedora affiliates" (or groups using Fedora)
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 '''Discussed in [
 meeting-1/2016-03-02/marketing.2016-03-02-21.55.html 2016-03-02


 = Two parts to ticket =
 In the meeting, we identified that this ticket will consist of two primary

 1. Creating the process to let organizations apply for official
 recognition (and developing the criteria for being recognized).
 2. Begin building an initial list of organizations actively using Fedora
 for the publication of this list.

 Fabio (fale) took responsibility for drafting an initial list / procedure
 for how an organization could gain official recognition by the Fedora
 Project. We'll check in on the status of this initial draft next week. The
 idea is that once there's a workable draft, we can have some collaboration
 and feedback on the process and build it into a final product.

 = Past attempts =
 As far as we can tell, there have not been any past attempts at doing
 something like this, but perhaps it was under another name? Remy (decause)
 was going to ping the Education mailing list with a link to the initial
 draft to see if we could gain some feedback or thoughts from the folks
 there as well.

 = Campus Ambassadors can help =
 Ardian also noted that this would be a fantastic opportunity for the
 Campus Ambassadors to help with in their role as students at universities
 and schools. If a school is using Fedora already, the Campus Ambassador
 can work on getting this officially recognized in the Project through this
 process. If they are not using Fedora, the Campus Ambassador can work with
 the administration on proposing a Fedora computer lab or something similar
 (more of an Ambassadors task than a Marketing task).

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