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Hello everybody!

Looks like I am inactive. My apologies; my family problems drives me
crazy.. but I am reading you!.

Maybe there are people which FAS account is linked to a "dead emails
addresses". For example, this is my main email so maybe I don't say
anything but I am reading. Maybe you should send an email before to
eliminate a FAS account or a emila from the group the kind of "Y*ou have X
days to answer this email If don't you will be eliminated"*.

By the way... I am trying to enter inside in markmail.org I suppose the key
is the same as FAS Fedora account or... It is not?



2016-03-02 13:22 GMT+01:00 Joe Brockmeier <jzb at redhat.com>:

> Hey all,
> During the last two weeks' meetings, we discussed membership
> requirements and what it should take to be a member. I recall this
> coming up again and again, and recalled that it had already been decided
> once. The problem is it wasn't recorded!
> This is from an email in 2014 following Flock, when Chris Roberts was
> "marketing lead":
> [Begin Quote]
> During Flock we had a talk about being active contributors and
> membership in the FAS marketing group and we have come to the following:
> To stay active in the FAS group you have to make at least one
> contribution during a release schedule, if you have not made any
> contributions you will be removed from the FAS group.
> We have a lot of inactive members and when I did start to remove people,
> I got a lot of feedback from them saying why they were removed. This
> happens in the FI-Aprentice group where if you do not reply to an email
> each month you are removed. If you are removed from the group and would
> like to rejoin that is totally fine, we want to see contribution in
> order to be in the group.
> I will post this new information on our Marketing wiki page as well.
> [End Quote]
> Cite here: http://markmail.org/message/qghmwa3mlq745bxw
> So my proposal here is that we stick to what's already been agreed and
> stop re-re-discussing this.
> Note to people who say "but I was busy," "I got married that cycle," "I
> was in a coma..." - our response should be "that happens. Contribute
> this cycle, and we'll reinstate you," "congratulations! Contribute this
> cycle, and we'll reinstate you," and "wow! We're so glad you're OK.
> Contribute this cycle, and we'll reinstate you."
> In other words: No exceptions.
> ## What Constitutes a Contribution?
> OK, so maybe what constitutes a contribution is unclear. Let's start
> with what *isn't* something that gets you over the requirement:
> * Saying something on the mailing list.
> Just participating in a discussion on the list is *not* a contribution.
> So what are some of the things that are contributions?
> * Managing talking points for one or more editions, or parts of Fedora
> (a spin, a major feature, etc.).
> * Writing / compiling a release announcement - or contributing a large
> section to a release announcement. [Fixing a comma splice is not really
> a significant contribution. Managing a section on the Workstation
> Edition is.]
> * Working to create one or more flyers or information sheets for an
> edition, Fedora overall, etc.
> * Substantial work helping clean up the Marketing wiki.
> * Creating materials for Fedora Ambassadors for an event, or talking
> points for an event or events.
> * Any observable significant and useful contribution that moves Fedora
> Marketing forward during a release cycle.
> * Mentor and bring in new contributors to marketing. We should be
> totally good with granting membership to anybody who spends a lot of
> time teaching other people the ropes, even if that means their
> fingerprints are not as visible on the finished product as if they
> created it solo.
> ## Also Proposed
> I hope you've read this far - because I have one more proposal:
> * We edit the wiki to remove the "add yourself to the FAS group" bit.
> (This page:
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Joining_the_Fedora_marketing_project)
> Thoughts, comments, flames?
> Best,
> jzb
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