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Justin W. Flory jflory7 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 16:04:28 UTC 2016

On 03/10/2016 09:07 AM, Brian Proffitt wrote:
> All:
> In the meeting on IRC yesterday, I referenced a proposal that I had sent
> to the project last September (I believe). I am resending the document
> here, having updated it to include information on the Fedora Community Blog.
> If you like, I can place this on the Fedora wiki for broader
> consumption/dissemination. Forgive me for not knowing the proper
> channels for such document publication.

Hi Brian, thanks for sharing this document out. I finished reading it 
and I have a few ideas and thoughts.

== Sharing this document ==

I think getting this information into a public, accessible location for 
later reference outside of the list will be a good start. I hate to say 
the wiki, but I think for the present time being, this is the best place 
to put it for now. We could possibly consider putting it out as an 
internal page in the Fedora Magazine or similar, but I think wiki will 
serve better for the time being.

== Engagement ==

Generally, across the board on all platforms, I think increased 
engagement with our followers and communities is important. Whether it's 
replies, retweets / shared posts, or holding discussions with fans, I 
think this is one of the best and immediate things we can do to improve 
our brand on social media.

Particularly on Twitter, there are a lot of one-off posts about things, 
but I seldom see the Fedora account retweeting or carrying conversations 
in tweets. I know that with an account like @Fedora, it might be noisier 
than most, but looking through mentions on Twitter and seeing if anyone 
has mentioned @Fedora and retweeting / quoting other tweets is a great 
way to get people engaged and feel a greater connection to Fedora ("OMG 
@Fedora retweeted my tweet!!!!").

Obviously this has to be done with some personal moderation since a 
retweet can appear to be an official endorsement or promotion, so extra 
caution would need to be taken to check the content before retweeting to 
make sure there isn't a hidden "trap" at the bottom of the page or similar.

== Disclaimer ==

Going forward, I'll make note that I can't really speak to the Google+ 
or YouTube side of things because I don't have much personal experience 
with either platform. I recognize their important but they're not my 
personal area of knowledge. I'm more savvy with Facebook and Twitter.

== Twitter examples ==

I think a *fantastic* example of "Linux-oriented Twitter accounts done 
right" is the *nixcraft Twitter account.


There's probably a fair amount of strategy going into their posts 
already, but scroll through their account and take a look at a lot of 
the content that's being posted on that account. Occasional quotes that 
are pinned to the top of the account for a time, convenient "how-to" 
posts that link back to nixcraft websites, general highlighting of other 
cool tech tips or news, and occasional retweets or quoted tweets.

Additionally, the account usually likes a fair amount of tweets that 
replied back to their own tweets.

To me, this account is a gold example of something we could take a few 
tips from for our Twitter social media strategy. It has a strong amount 
of linking back to their own site / personal branding (something that 
our social media presence almost exclusively does), but it also balances 
that out with tweets or third-party content that helps establish the 
account as an expert in its field (targeted mostly towards system 
administrators). Identifying Fedora's Twitter audience is an important 
step of tailoring our own content there.

The retweets / quotes also help integrate community members into feeling 
a part of the brand too.

Anyways… </twitter>

== Help? ==

I'm not sure if there is an SOP to helping out directly with things like 
engagement on official social media channels or if you have to wear the 
Red Hat to be involved with social media, but I'd be interested in 
helping with Facebook and Twitter from an engagement perspective (both 
platforms that I'm fairly active on).

However, I don't want to derail this conversation with "ooh ooh pick 
me!" discussion about social media accounts, so if this is irrelevant 
for this topic, we can discuss in email or just drop this point from 

Hope this feedback helps!

Justin W. Flory
jflory7 at gmail.com

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