[Marketing] GIMP Article

Ryan Lerch rlerch at redhat.com
Mon Mar 21 08:52:39 UTC 2016

As per the last meeting, i jumped in and started looking at the GIMP
article, have a few ideas on how to group the content to make it even more
useful for our readers.

It might be good to split this up (rather then breaking down what each menu
does), into a couple of sorta mini-tutorials with set goals, i was thinking
something like:

1. Opening a file, and saving it (and exporting it)
2. Basic editing of the whole image (this one could maybe be something like
desaturating the image to make it monochrome)
3. SHowing how to draw on the image with the brush (sort of a gateway into
painting in GIMP)

I'll have a go at editing the first paragraph too

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