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#219: Create Python talking points for Ambassadors
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Comment (by jflory7):

 '''Discussed in [https://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-
 meeting-1/2016-03-30/marketing.2016-03-30-20.59.html 2016-03-30

 = Review request: Brochure =

 Above this comment, bkp attached the latest version of the Python + Fedora
 marketing brochure. The content and graphics could hit the printing press
 ASAP, but we want some other Python developers and contributors in Fedora
 to look this over and verify that everything checks out / makes sense /
 isn't going to get Fedora laughed at for a mistake at a conference.
 Additionally, if there's any major points you think are missing, feel free
 to let us know!

 = Next up: Organizing another porting vFAD? =

 The next possible step for this ticket is to organize another vFAD and put
 a little marketing effort behind it to see if we can help drum up some
 extra support for migrating packages. I will contact the Python SIG
 mailing list about this idea soon.

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