Summary/Minutes from today's Fedora Infrastructure meeting (2012-05-17 at 18UTC)

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Thu May 17 18:42:20 UTC 2012

#fedora-meeting: Infrastructure (2012-05-17)

Meeting started by nirik at 17:59:59 UTC. The full logs are available at

Meeting summary
* Robot Roll Call  (nirik, 18:00:00)

* New folks introductions and Apprentice tasks.  (nirik, 18:04:01)

* two factor auth status  (nirik, 18:09:22)

* two factor auth status  (nirik, 18:11:14)
  * work is moving forward, hopefully something available to test out
    soon.  (nirik, 18:12:18)

* Applications status / discussion  (nirik, 18:14:08)
  * fedmsg is waiting on some rhel bugs, working to seperate TG/moksha
    to avoid this moving forward.  (nirik, 18:17:02)
  * ctria has some prelim work on a nagios config generator, will send
    info to the list.  (nirik, 18:17:21)
  * relrod is working on a flask app for fedorahosted requests.  (nirik, 18:17:52)

* Upcoming Tasks/Items  (nirik, 18:26:49)
  * 2012-05-08 to 2012-05-22 FINAL FREEZE  (nirik, 18:27:18)
  * 2012-05-22 - F17 release  (nirik, 18:27:19)
  * 2012-06-01 - nag fi-apprentices.  (nirik, 18:27:19)
  * 2011-06-03 - gitweb-cache removal day.  (nirik, 18:27:19)
  * 2012-06-08 OOW:  (nirik, 18:27:19)
  * 2012-06-17 OOW:  (nirik,
  * 2012-06-21 to 2012-07-04 Kevin is off on trains and boats.  (nirik,

* Open Floor  (nirik, 18:33:24)
  * LINK: <---
    is it possible that there are a couple of bugs there that are
    closed'  (marcdeop, 18:34:17)
  * LINK: <--
    I checked this bug and the solution provided by  jacibato seemed
    fine for me  (marcdeop, 18:35:00)

Meeting ended at 18:41:22 UTC.

Action Items

Action Items, by person
  * (none)

People Present (lines said)
* nirik (96)
* skvidal (18)
* _fcami_ (14)
* abadger1999 (10)
* marcdeop (9)
* ianweller (8)
* ctria (8)
* smooge (7)
* cuppsy (4)
* zodbot (4)
* threebean (4)
* relrod (4)
* jsmith (2)
* herlo (1)
* lmacken (0)
* ricky (0)
* mdomsch (0)
* dgilmore (0)
* CodeBlock (0)
17:59:59 <nirik> #startmeeting Infrastructure (2012-05-17)
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18:00:00 <nirik> #meetingname infrastructure
18:00:00 <nirik> #topic Robot Roll Call
18:00:00 <nirik> #chair smooge skvidal CodeBlock ricky nirik abadger1999 lmacken dgilmore mdomsch threebean
18:00:00 <zodbot> The meeting name has been set to 'infrastructure'
18:00:00 <zodbot> Current chairs: CodeBlock abadger1999 dgilmore lmacken mdomsch nirik ricky skvidal smooge threebean
18:00:04 * skvidal ishere
18:00:42 * ctria here
18:00:43 <nirik> hey skvidal
18:01:10 * abadger1999 here
18:01:18 <smooge> Here
18:01:19 * jsmith lurks
18:01:32 <smooge> turkey lurkey
18:02:38 * nirik will wait another min for folks to wander in
18:02:57 <ctria> i think its a public holiday in some countries today...
18:02:58 <skvidal> due to cable guy this morning
18:03:03 <skvidal> I am incredibly tired today
18:03:07 <skvidal> so if i'm slow to reply - that's why
18:03:14 <nirik> ctria: oh?
18:03:32 <ctria> (so maybe people are off today)
18:03:42 <threebean> me is here!
18:03:43 * herlo is here
18:03:52 <nirik> ok, lets get this party started then...
18:03:53 <threebean> doh.
18:04:01 <nirik> #topic New folks introductions and Apprentice tasks.
18:04:01 <nirik> If any new folks want to give a quick one line bio or any apprentices
18:04:01 <nirik> would like to ask general questions, they can do so here.
18:04:14 <nirik> any new folks or apprentice questions?
18:04:32 <cuppsy> <-- Matthew Cupps. Signed up awhile ago, but finaly wanna able to start trying to get involved this past week.
18:04:56 <cuppsy> wanna=was*
18:05:02 <nirik> welcome! are you interested more in the sysadmin side of things? or application development type work?
18:05:23 * ianweller here
18:05:32 <cuppsy> More sysadmin. I have to go look it up, there was someone in #fedora-admin that spoke to me at length the other night and gave me some nice pointers to get started.
18:05:35 * _fcami_ here
18:05:56 <nirik> cuppsy: great. We can get you pointed in the right direction in #fedora-admin after the meeting...
18:05:59 <nirik> hey _fcami_
18:06:05 <cuppsy> Feel like a jerk that I can remember his/her name. :P But anyways, thanks. :)
18:06:06 <_fcami_> nirik, I told you I would be back. :P
18:06:25 <nirik> _fcami_: glad to hear it. :)
18:07:15 <nirik> ok, any other new folks or apprentice questions? if not, will move on...
18:07:33 <_fcami_> I'll have a look at the current request list
18:07:36 <_fcami_> and find a task to hack on
18:07:49 * relrod here, sorry.
18:07:50 <nirik> _fcami_: sounds good. Can re-add you to the apprentice group after the meeting if you like.
18:07:56 <nirik> welcome relrod
18:07:58 <_fcami_> nirik, yes please.
18:08:10 * marcdeop is sorry to be late
18:08:22 <nirik> marcdeop: no worries.
18:08:38 <_fcami_> I'm away from home most weeks, but I sometimes have good internet access to work on fedora stuff
18:08:41 <_fcami_> so there.
18:08:52 <nirik> lots of traveling?
18:08:55 <_fcami_> yes.
18:09:06 <_fcami_> I'm in Newcastle, UK, atm
18:09:15 <nirik> cool.
18:09:20 <nirik> ok, moving along...
18:09:22 <nirik> #topic two factor auth status
18:09:32 <nirik> any news this week on this?
18:09:46 <_fcami_> is there a page for this I could read? I'll look it up
18:10:02 <skvidal> nirik: nope - not anything new - ust from last week
18:10:21 <nirik> _fcami_: yeah, I think we had something, can dig around for it.
18:10:23 <skvidal> mricon added the ability to store the otp seeds encrypted with the pin
18:10:44 <skvidal> I need to check in on wolfkit to see if he was able to commit all of his changes
18:10:59 <skvidal> to the pam_url repo
18:11:03 <nirik> basically we are going to be using pam_url and a python cgi. The cgi can then deal with googleauth or yubikey or other stuff. Making this very flexable
18:11:14 <nirik> #topic two factor auth status
18:11:20 <nirik> pesky freenode. ;)
18:12:18 <nirik> #info work is moving forward, hopefully something available to test out soon.
18:12:34 <nirik> ok, anything else, or shall I move on...
18:12:49 <skvidal> am I here?
18:12:51 <skvidal> my network just went away
18:12:56 <nirik> yeah.
18:13:03 <skvidal> did you see what I said last?
18:13:05 <skvidal> I said
18:13:11 <nirik> at least you are in the same reality bubble/irc as I now. ;)
18:13:15 <skvidal> I need to check with wolfkit if he was about to commit all his patches
18:13:37 <nirik> right, ok
18:14:00 <nirik> moving along then...
18:14:08 <nirik> #topic Applications status / discussion
18:14:27 <nirik> any application news abadger1999 / lmacken / threebean / relrod / pingou / whoever else.
18:15:07 <threebean> fedmsg is still hung up on some TG related rhel bugs.
18:15:18 <nirik> I know lmacken was working on finishing up packager/tagger deployment in production
18:15:20 <threebean> I'm separating moksha and TG so it won't be an issue anymore (faster than waiting on rhel bugs)
18:15:31 <ctria> i don't know if it fits here´┐Ż as i told you at fedora-noc i did some progress with nagios configuration based on infra-hosts
18:15:56 <relrod> I've started on a python-flask web app to automate Fedora Hosted requests. I'll have more details next week, but the gist of it is: simple web app that people request a Fedora Hosted project, simple CLI app that interfaces with it to process the requests (something like `fedorahosted-process --id=1` to process the first one). The whole thing is meant to be really simple (Flask is cool, btw. Check it out if you want a really simple ...
18:16:02 <relrod> ... way to make Python web apps). Making good progress though. Ironically I have the code on github for now just because I wanted to opensource it quickly: - Will move it to Hosted next week.
18:16:04 <ctria> i'll migrate it to python and shoot the list with questions probably during weekend
18:16:05 <nirik> ctria: oh yeah. would love to see your progress... perhaps a mailing list post? or we could look more in noc?
18:16:07 <relrod> ok that was longer than I thought.
18:16:33 <nirik> ctria: great.
18:17:02 <nirik> #info fedmsg is waiting on some rhel bugs, working to seperate TG/moksha to avoid this moving forward.
18:17:21 <nirik> #info ctria has some prelim work on a nagios config generator, will send info to the list.
18:17:52 <nirik> #info relrod is working on a flask app for fedorahosted requests.
18:17:52 <nirik> anything else?
18:17:55 <nirik> any news on the mailman 3 stuff?
18:19:06 <abadger1999> Our GSoC student will start soon
18:19:15 <nirik> hey abadger1999
18:19:30 <abadger1999> pingou's been working on abstracting the storage from the web ui -- he's going to start testing postgres vs mongo
18:19:45 <abadger1999> we have a suspicion that postgres won't be fast enough but htis will let us prove that.
18:20:00 <nirik> ok.
18:20:07 <abadger1999> (I know sysadmins everywhere would like it if we didn't force another type of database server on them)
18:20:13 <ianweller> (what's the db for?)
18:20:46 <abadger1999> ianweller: web interface to archives -- search is what I think will be too slow with a rdbms
18:21:01 <abadger1999> (mailing list archives)
18:21:04 <nirik> as a side note to application developers... you may want to look at and/or chime in on the epel-devel list. We found out that we were shipping things that are in some RHEL channels, and may have to stop doing that. It could be nasty. We are still in gathering data phase/collecting ideas for solutions.
18:21:05 <ianweller> ok.
18:21:19 <ianweller> nirik: haha whoops.
18:21:44 <abadger1999> nirik: will that also mean we will pull in the RHEL packages to our builders?
18:21:54 <nirik> abadger1999: not sure yet...
18:22:07 <abadger1999> k
18:22:12 * abadger1999 will catch up on that thread
18:22:16 <nirik> the example was glusterfs, but there's other stuff now too... like... puppet. ;)
18:22:31 * skvidal stabs himself
18:22:50 <nirik> and a bunch of python packages that could affect things, etc
18:23:00 <_fcami_> is puppet in an official rhel channel?
18:23:17 <nirik> yep.
18:23:26 <ctria> but are they also in binary compat distros? (Centos, SL ...)
18:23:27 <_fcami_> ok. I'll have to look for it. thx
18:23:34 <ianweller> is there a simple... list we can look at?
18:24:08 <nirik> well, EPEL says they won't ship stuff thats available as SRPMS on the ftp mirror under 6* directories.
18:24:23 <nirik> when EPEL6 launched last year the base os and optional were the only things there.
18:24:48 <smooge> it is not going to be pretty
18:24:55 <ianweller> siiiigh
18:25:11 <nirik> yeah, likely not, but we can look at solutions... please see epel-devel for more details.
18:25:12 <smooge> I need to find a way if i have a list of "blocked" src.rpms what children would also be blocked
18:25:54 <nirik> anyhow, just a heads up on that fun. :)
18:25:57 <_fcami_> smooge, I think QA's autotesting stuff can tell you if there are missing dependencies - but I'm not sure if that runs for EPEL
18:26:48 <nirik> ok, moving on...
18:26:49 <nirik> #topic Upcoming Tasks/Items
18:27:02 <nirik> the go/no-go meeting is still ongoing in #fedora-meeting-1.
18:27:12 <nirik> Assuming we are go, the upcoming tasks look like:
18:27:18 <nirik> #info 2012-05-08 to 2012-05-22 FINAL FREEZE
18:27:19 <nirik> #info 2012-05-22 - F17 release
18:27:19 <nirik> #info 2012-06-01 - nag fi-apprentices.
18:27:19 <nirik> #info 2011-06-03 - gitweb-cache removal day.
18:27:19 <nirik> #info 2012-06-08 OOW:
18:27:19 <nirik> #info 2012-06-17 OOW:
18:27:21 <nirik> #info 2012-06-21 to 2012-07-04 Kevin is off on trains and boats.
18:27:31 <nirik> otherwise, push the top two out a week. ;)
18:27:42 <smooge> ooooh where are you going to be
18:28:19 <nirik> yeah, I am taking a trip at the end of june... trains to a boat, then train back. ;)
18:28:24 <nirik> I should have some net some of the time.
18:29:02 * skvidal wants to take a trip
18:29:05 <nirik> any other upcoming items folks would like to note or schedule?
18:29:22 <nirik> the train should be an adventure. ;)
18:30:01 <nirik> oh, a few days after release (whenever that is) we should schedule a mass upgrade day... and possibly do reboots just to get back into the swing of doing them
18:30:08 <smooge> yeah
18:30:34 * marcdeop is going in a motorbike trip this weekend :P
18:31:16 <nirik> and we should look at scheduling the mailing lists move from and the mailing lists move from hosted to hosted-lists sometime soon.
18:31:26 <nirik> (anytime after release that sounds good is fine with me)
18:31:29 <skvidal> +1
18:31:44 <skvidal> I don't think hurrying up the hosted migration before the release helps us
18:32:15 * skvidal wonders if he is in the right irc bubble
18:32:37 <nirik> yeah
18:32:50 <nirik> we could do it anytime really, but don't want to disrupt anything...
18:33:21 <nirik> ok, moving along then...
18:33:24 <nirik> #topic Open Floor
18:33:30 <nirik> anyone have open floor items?
18:33:41 <smooge> not i.
18:33:46 <marcdeop> me
18:33:52 <marcdeop> it's more like a question
18:34:04 <nirik> marcdeop: sure, fire away
18:34:17 <marcdeop> <--- is it possible that there are a couple of bugs there that are closed'
18:34:50 <nirik> no, but various of them are in process/being worked on by someone.
18:35:00 <marcdeop> <-- I checked this bug and the solution provided by  jacibato seemed fine for me
18:35:03 <nirik> I'll make a pass thru them to make sure they are all still needed/being worked on
18:35:18 <nirik> yeah, I haven't had a chance to apply that yet due to our freeze.
18:35:26 <ianweller> if you are planning on going to fudcon lawrence, you should pre-register:
18:36:02 <marcdeop> well... and now for the newbie part... do you guys have any more junior jobs to add to that list?
18:36:22 <nirik> marcdeop: I can try and dream up some more, yeah. I keep meaning to. ;)
18:36:39 <nirik> or if anyone else thinks of good easyfix tickets, please do file them.
18:36:48 <marcdeop> no prob nirik, it's just that sometimes I get "overloaded" with information
18:36:57 <marcdeop> junior jobs help to focus on small things at a time
18:37:17 <nirik> yeah, some of those tickets have a lot of comments and it does get confusing...
18:37:23 <nirik> I will try and add some more.
18:37:29 <ctria> :)
18:37:43 <ctria> comments or tickets?
18:38:44 <nirik> either! :)
18:38:54 * _fcami_ votes for both :)
18:39:43 <ianweller> also looks like we are no-go for release next week
18:39:51 <nirik> yep. ;(
18:39:59 <nirik> so another week of freeze.
18:40:22 <nirik> any other items? or shall we call it a meeting?
18:40:58 * nirik listens to the crickets.
18:41:11 * jsmith has nothing to add
18:41:14 <nirik> ok, lets all continue over on #fedora-admin, #fedora-apps or #fedora-noc
18:41:20 <nirik> Thanks for coming everyone!
18:41:22 <nirik> #endmeeting
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