Summary/Minutes from today's irc support sig meeting (2012-05-24)

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Thu May 24 17:55:42 UTC 2012

#fedora-meeting: IRC Support SIG (2012-05-24)

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Meeting summary
* init process  (nirik, 17:00:00)

* Week in review  (nirik, 17:02:54)
  * LINK:
    (nirik, 17:02:54)

* ticket 108 - Proposal for Ammendment to the IRC Support SIGPolicy
  (nirik, 17:05:59)
  * further discussion about a probation period for new ops  (nirik,

* ticket 107 - Mass Removal Of Stagnant Voting Members  (nirik,
  * LINK:   (nirik,
  * will collect up the votes in ticket and clarify.  (nirik, 17:21:08)
  * AGREED: will remove folks who no longer wish to be involved and say
    so  (nirik, 17:22:48)

* ticket 105 - #fedora-social and #fedora channel nomination N3LRX
  (nirik, 17:26:57)

* ticket 112 - Improper use of zodbot op abilities in #fedora (nb)
  (nirik, 17:30:11)

* ticket 110 - Release ban requested for user OzBorne in #fedora
  (nirik, 17:36:22)
  * AGREED: will wait and see if they require more banning for further
    actions  (nirik, 17:45:25)

* ticket 111 - Improve handling of unregistered users  (nirik, 17:45:32)
  * LINK:
    (EvilBob, 17:45:55)

* Open Floor  (nirik, 17:48:25)
  * AGREED: will stop feedback now and re-enable before release.
    (nirik, 17:51:41)
  * LINK: Work on
    this week, vote on Thursday  (EvilBob, 17:52:28)
  * LINK: Vote next
    week I will work on a wiki page for voting  (EvilBob, 17:52:55)
  * LINK: vote on
    Thursday  (EvilBob, 17:53:15)
  * LINK: Handled
    (EvilBob, 17:53:28)
  * LINK: Let'em
    swing  (EvilBob, 17:53:51)
  * LINK: Closed,
    Dead Horse  (EvilBob, 17:54:10)

Meeting ended at 17:55:01 UTC.

Action Items

Action Items, by person
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People Present (lines said)
* nirik (113)
* EvilBob (108)
* Sonar_Gal (58)
* dcr226 (49)
* Khaytsus (9)
* FranciscoD (5)
* zodbot (4)
* N3LRX (3)
* cyberworm54 (3)
* Sonar_Guy (1)
* LetoTo (1)
17:00:00 <nirik> #startmeeting IRC Support SIG (2012-05-24)
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17:00:00 <nirik> #meetingname irc-support-sig
17:00:00 <nirik> #topic init process
17:00:00 <zodbot> The meeting name has been set to 'irc-support-sig'
17:00:19 * N3LRX 
17:00:23 * FranciscoD 
17:00:24 <nirik> #chair EvilBob dcr226
17:00:24 <zodbot> Current chairs: EvilBob dcr226 nirik
17:00:25 * EvilBob 
17:00:55 * nirik waits for folks to come in
17:01:08 <nirik> note that the go/no-go meeting for f17 is happening in #fedora-meeting-1
17:01:15 * dcr226 partys like its 1999
17:01:16 * FranciscoD is sitting in there too :P
17:01:19 * EvilBob hears the noon siren, time to get out of the mines...
17:02:07 * nirik will wait another minute for folks to wander in..
17:02:29 * Sonar_Gal is partially here but may have to leave quickly so get it started or cancel till next week!!!
17:02:41 <Sonar_Gal> To much to do
17:02:48 <nirik> ok, we can dive on in...
17:02:54 <nirik> #topic Week in review
17:02:54 <nirik>
17:02:59 <nirik> anything for week in review?
17:03:15 <nirik> bunch of f17 folks now... but otherwise pretty normal IMHO
17:03:28 <EvilBob> A lot of people chomping at the bit for F17 is all
17:03:55 <nirik> yeah.
17:03:55 <EvilBob> Oh...
17:04:02 <dcr226> f17 is pretty nice...nothing to report here
17:04:06 <FranciscoD> aye
17:04:13 <FranciscoD> a few bugs, but been taken care of
17:04:16 <dcr226> apart from lxpanel turning me over at every available opportunity
17:04:54 <EvilBob> New user from "downunder" He tries real hard and is not quite getting a few things. Lets try to give him a break as he is trying, he's been getting ganged up on a bit.
17:05:14 * FranciscoD notes that
17:05:40 <nirik> yeah, one of the things we need to keep trying to improve on
17:05:47 <nirik> ok, moving on.
17:05:51 <EvilBob> Yup
17:05:59 <nirik> #topic ticket 108 - Proposal for Ammendment to the IRC Support SIGPolicy
17:06:26 <nirik> I liked the last draft I looked at with a few nitpicks. I think EvilBob made some changes for those nitpicks, but haven't had a chance to look super closely.
17:06:45 <EvilBob> the current revision is here following nirik's input yesterday
17:07:26 <nirik> EvilBob: yeah, N3LRX did a commit on the current page and backed it out so we could use diff on it. ;) But yeah, mostly looked good to me.
17:07:27 * Khaytsus 
17:07:41 * Sonar_Guy 
17:07:54 <EvilBob> One question I have on it
17:08:03 * nirik hasn't heard much feedback from others.
17:08:16 <EvilBob> In the past we had a probation for new ops, did we want to add that back in?
17:08:36 <Sonar_Gal> We should 90 days wasn't it
17:08:53 <EvilBob> Sonar_Gal: Yeah 3 months/90 days
17:09:10 <nirik> well, I'm not sure what that means... ?
17:09:19 <EvilBob> The problem being, what does it mean
17:09:23 <nirik> that their status can be removed by anyone for any reason? or ?
17:09:31 <EvilBob> What are the expectations and repercussions
17:09:35 <nirik> or at least removed more easily than voting them out?
17:09:41 <Sonar_Gal> nirik, sorry last week of school last week and this week so no time to reply to emails.  Finished school yesterday and at school at 7am for rotc practice today
17:10:12 <EvilBob> Sonar_Gal: we have until next week to vote on and work on this.
17:10:14 * nirik notes he also has been swamped, and would be fine with further discussion on this draft. perhaps we can get it so everyone is happy with it. ;)
17:10:16 <Sonar_Gal> Before it was 90 days of bot-ops and if they couldn't handle the situations correctly they were removed.
17:10:41 <Sonar_Gal> This gives time to see if these people can be an op in the channels they have bot ops in
17:10:55 <Sonar_Gal> or of they need to go full op or just stay bot op
17:11:03 <EvilBob> Sonar_Gal: can we get together as a small group before next weeks meeting and work out the language for this?
17:11:34 <Sonar_Gal> EvilBob, Won't be till Tues or Wed with the holiday this weekend and graduation
17:11:36 <EvilBob> Sonar_Gal: I agree with the 90days as long as we have a meaning to it.
17:11:53 <EvilBob> Sonar_Gal: I can make myself available on Tuesday
17:11:55 <Sonar_Gal> ok
17:12:06 * nirik isn't sure it makes sense, but could be persuaded.
17:12:23 <nirik> #info further discussion about a probation period for new ops
17:12:26 * dcr226 prepares the persuasion equipment
17:12:32 * nirik runs for his life
17:12:35 <EvilBob> nirik: I think we can work on it in a small group and add it to the ticket for consideration
17:12:36 <dcr226> ;-)
17:12:46 <nirik> sounds good to me.
17:12:55 <Sonar_Gal> that works
17:12:57 <nirik> any other comments on this ticket? or should we move along?
17:13:03 <Sonar_Gal> next
17:13:09 <EvilBob> Next
17:13:16 <nirik> #topic ticket 107 - Mass Removal Of Stagnant Voting Members
17:13:36 <nirik> so, are we ready to tally here?
17:13:40 <nirik> or want more time?
17:13:58 <EvilBob> I'll make a comment on the other ticket about the probation item
17:14:01 <Sonar_Gal> I thought we were not removing op's unless they wanted to be removed
17:14:11 <nirik>
17:14:26 <EvilBob> If they have not been heard from should they be kept?
17:14:34 <Sonar_Gal> some bounce in and out when they have time and other's just have no time right now
17:14:37 <nirik> Sonar_Gal: under the current rules ops can be removed if there are votes to do so.
17:14:44 <Sonar_Gal> oh ok
17:15:02 <Khaytsus> Some of those OPs might not even repond or pay attention anymore
17:15:19 <nirik> I'm fine with removing everyone who didn't reply to the ticket indicating that they wished to remain/stay involved.
17:15:35 <Sonar_Gal> -1 to kanarip as he is in fedora and social and does help or chat when he has time
17:15:42 <nirik> but I am -1 to any of those people who did reply saying they wanted to be involved.
17:15:44 <Sonar_Gal> He has a different nick in -social
17:16:06 <EvilBob> Also in the case jsmith he was never elected in to an ops position and in the past we have never had a provision for honorary special privs
17:16:06 <Khaytsus> Yes, if anyone wants to remain on the list, I say remove them from the cut
17:16:35 <EvilBob> He was only added to being an op as he was FPL
17:16:35 <nirik> EvilBob: we never had a clear process for adding people in the past...
17:16:52 <Sonar_Gal> He is the only one on the list that I see keeping
17:16:53 <EvilBob> nirik: we have always voted on ops
17:17:09 <EvilBob> nirik: Since the start of the SIG
17:17:10 * dcr226 is -1 for thomasj and mharris
17:17:24 <Sonar_Gal> most were given op's by spot cause it was needed and most are not around now
17:17:54 <Sonar_Gal> kanarip, got op's before the sig but is around and helps and chats in -social
17:17:58 <nirik> actually I don't see jsmith as an op anywhere
17:18:11 <dcr226> nirik, he's just a member of the sig afaik
17:18:12 <Sonar_Gal> he was only an op as the FPL
17:18:17 <EvilBob> I'm cool with keeping thomasj, if mharris wants to be an op still I'm fine with that also, if he just want's a voice thenthere is the "voting memeber" option in the proposed changes.
17:18:27 <nirik> Sonar_Gal: he's not in any of the access lists.
17:18:52 <Sonar_Gal> nirik, kanarip ?
17:18:56 <Sonar_Gal> or jsmith?
17:19:00 <nirik> jsmith:
17:19:14 <Sonar_Gal> ah ok
17:19:26 <EvilBob> nirik: So if jsmith not an op and only a "voting member" I am fine with that staying
17:19:32 <nirik> so, where are we here. It's a bit of a muddle with all the people in one ticket.
17:19:44 <nirik> EvilBob: that seems to be the case...
17:19:50 <nirik> from what I can see.
17:19:58 <EvilBob> nirik: How about I clean up the ticket and make it more clear who is what
17:20:16 <EvilBob> nirik: we can vote things next week I would think.
17:20:19 <nirik> EvilBob: could you add a running tally too?
17:20:37 <EvilBob> nirik: Yeah that was my plan, who voted and what they voted
17:20:44 <nirik> sounds great to me.
17:20:52 <nirik> any objections or further ideas?
17:21:00 <EvilBob> I'll try to work on that today
17:21:03 <dcr226> can make it a bit easier:
17:21:04 <Sonar_Gal> We need to look at the -social list of op's also and remove a few that are inactive
17:21:08 <nirik> #info will collect up the votes in ticket and clarify.
17:21:31 <dcr226> there are a couple of members who have already intinated that they have no issue with their removal....surely these can just go, with a view to making the list smaller?
17:21:40 <dcr226> warren was one iirc
17:22:04 <nirik> sure, I'm fine with that... no reason to keep someone against their will
17:22:12 <EvilBob> dcr226: Agreed
17:22:16 <Sonar_Gal> agree
17:22:36 <nirik> I can clean those up as they appear.
17:22:48 <nirik> #agreed will remove folks who no longer wish to be involved and say so
17:22:51 <EvilBob> nirik: Is it OK if I go with the classifications of members as in the proposal?
17:23:06 <nirik> op vs voting ? or ?
17:23:10 <EvilBob> Yeah
17:23:24 <dcr226> I wonder if this would be better as a temporary page on the wiki? A table of members maybe?
17:23:29 <EvilBob> op <what channel> and/or Voting member
17:23:39 <EvilBob> dcr226: Damn good idea
17:23:57 <EvilBob> dcr226: I'll set up a sandbox to play in
17:24:01 * dcr226 avoids any wiki-wrangling usually
17:24:16 <EvilBob> dcr226: As long as I get input I can handle it
17:24:17 <nirik> EvilBob: so, folks who are not ops but have been invited to help out/provide feedback in the -ops channel, are voting members? or is there another state there/
17:24:51 <EvilBob> nirik: I think that invitees to -ops are different than the "voting upper class"
17:25:11 <Sonar_Gal> Thought we decided only Sig/Fas could vote
17:25:23 <EvilBob> Sonar_Gal: Right
17:25:26 <nirik> ok, so then there needs to be another state for that? invitee?
17:25:29 <Sonar_Gal> that is something else we need to get worked out
17:25:36 <EvilBob> nirik: I think it is covered
17:25:49 <EvilBob> I will review the draft and make sure
17:26:12 <EvilBob> I think we can move on and work on this in the sandbox and on the ticket
17:26:22 <nirik> ok, so, clean up the current ticket and add a vote tally, I will remove people who want to be removed this week, and the rest we can finish up next week?
17:26:36 <EvilBob> Sounds fair to me
17:26:38 <Sonar_Gal> +1
17:26:43 <EvilBob> +1
17:26:47 <nirik> cool.
17:26:57 <nirik> #topic ticket 105 - #fedora-social and #fedora channel nomination N3LRX
17:27:10 <nirik> shall we vote on this? or do we want further discussion?
17:27:23 <EvilBob> THis is a discussion meeting on this ticket
17:27:36 * dcr226 +1, don't think this will need discussion
17:27:36 <EvilBob> as noted in the ticket
17:27:41 <dcr226> to clarify: I can't see anyone objecting
17:27:50 <dcr226> oh...ok, my bad...pre-emptive +1 then ;-)
17:27:59 * nirik is +1, but if we want to wait another week for voting I don't care.
17:28:12 <Sonar_Gal> I have no problems with N3LRX getting op's in those channels he is level headed and normally fun to be around
17:28:14 <EvilBob> from the ticket "I'm going to change the vote date to 2012-05-31 to allow discussion on 2012-05-24. Both the nominee and I can not make the meeting (discussion) this week, 2012-05-17."
17:28:35 <Sonar_Gal> ok
17:28:50 <EvilBob> I think it's fair that we follow that as I posted it last week
17:29:09 * dcr226 is cool with that
17:29:11 <nirik> sure, fine with me.
17:29:12 <Sonar_Gal> ok
17:29:17 <nirik> N3LRX: anything to add? ;)
17:29:21 <EvilBob> NEXT!
17:29:58 <N3LRX> I enjoy working with the sig and look forward to becoming more involved.
17:30:02 <nirik> ok, moving along. :)
17:30:08 <nirik> thanks N3LRX
17:30:11 <nirik> #topic ticket 112 - Improper use of zodbot op abilities in #fedora (nb)
17:30:22 <EvilBob> N3LRX: You are an asset
17:30:29 <nirik> I've removed zodbot from the autoop list, so it shouldn't have any op privs anymore.
17:30:37 <dcr226> EvilBob, you are an ass
17:30:40 <dcr226> asset*
17:30:45 <nirik> With that, I personally am fine saying 'don't do this' and closing the ticket.
17:30:46 <dcr226> damn you <enter> key
17:30:47 <dcr226> ;-)
17:30:48 <EvilBob> dcr226: Tell me something I don't know?
17:30:51 <dcr226> LOL
17:31:04 * dcr226 couldn't resist that one
17:31:28 <EvilBob> nirik: So zodbot can not get or give ops in any of our channels, correct?
17:31:44 <nirik> yep.
17:31:48 <nirik> it was set to 'auto op'
17:31:54 <nirik> so when it rejoined chanserv would op it
17:32:05 <nirik> that is no longer the case
17:32:05 <dcr226> it is still capable of getting +o on -ops
17:32:17 <nirik> oh? did I miss one?
17:32:19 * nirik fixes
17:32:38 <EvilBob> nirik: while we are on the access list item
17:32:52 <nirik> no, it was just voiced there.
17:32:56 <EvilBob> nirik: nb was given ops in the access list for -social
17:33:27 <nirik> yeah. and the bot.
17:33:36 <EvilBob> Sonar_Gal: You remember the probation bit better than most of us, would this be incorrect he should be on the bot only?
17:33:47 <Sonar_Gal> bot only for 90 days
17:34:02 <Sonar_Gal> Then if he is voted to be a full op after the 90 days
17:34:03 * nirik notes thats no where in our current policies. ;) but I don't care much
17:34:13 <EvilBob> I will vote +1 to agree with Sonar_Gal
17:34:23 <Sonar_Gal> That's what it was before the last write up
17:34:35 <Sonar_Gal> hopefully We can get all that fixed next week
17:34:40 <EvilBob> nirik: lets not get in to the lackings in the "current policies"
17:34:44 <EvilBob> ;)
17:34:50 <nirik> how about we wait on that until we approve the new stuff...
17:34:59 <nirik> then we can also apply it retroactively
17:35:02 <nirik> if we like
17:35:20 <EvilBob> Sonar_Gal: That good with you?
17:35:38 <Sonar_Gal> ok
17:35:53 <EvilBob> I'm cool with that
17:36:02 <nirik> ok, shall we move on then?
17:36:11 <EvilBob> Sorry for adding things to the ticket discussion
17:36:16 <EvilBob> NEXT!
17:36:22 <nirik> 2 more tickets. ;)
17:36:22 <nirik> #topic ticket 110 - Release ban requested for user OzBorne in #fedora
17:36:38 <EvilBob> I am naturally +1 to banning him
17:36:50 <nirik> I would be against the ban if the user would appologize or say they were going to improve or anything really...
17:36:51 <dcr226> EvilBob, that means you are -1 to the ticket
17:37:13 <nirik> he was trying to comment there this morning, but couldn't get logged in.
17:37:15 <EvilBob> nirik: they have done so in the past and gone back on it
17:37:22 <nirik> yep.
17:37:37 <nirik> so, I'm sadly +1 and hope next release they will be better.
17:37:43 <EvilBob> nirik: calling ops from the french channel on the phone is a perfect example
17:37:44 * dcr226 thinks the user isn't currently banned
17:37:55 <N3LRX> he isnt
17:37:55 <nirik> dcr226: they aren't. They had a week and it just expired.
17:37:59 <EvilBob> dcr226: no, the one week ban just expired
17:38:04 <dcr226> ok, let me break this down a sec
17:38:11 <Sonar_Gal> and if it happens they get banned for the remainder of the life cycle
17:38:20 <dcr226> the ticket is to request the removal of a ban, which has actually expired
17:38:22 <Sonar_Gal> He only had a week ban that was lifted this morning
17:38:32 <EvilBob> dcr226: no, it is for a Fedora™ release
17:38:32 <dcr226> so the ticket is null and void, close... WONTFIX
17:38:38 <dcr226> ahhhhh
17:38:50 <dcr226> ok ok, I grokked "Release" as, release the ban
17:38:55 <EvilBob> it is a release ban not a ban release
17:39:00 <nirik> I'll note the first thing they did this morning was to come in and complain about this ticket.
17:39:28 <EvilBob> I'm not sure what they said this morning
17:39:35 <EvilBob> I just know they said it to me
17:39:38 <dcr226> in the interests of "policy", I'm -1 to the ticket...and I'll explain why. The user has just expired a 1 week ban, and hasn't gotten themselves re-banned as yet
17:39:46 <dcr226> my shout would be, the next ban is a release ban
17:39:54 <Sonar_Gal> +1
17:39:56 * dcr226 hopes that made any sort of sense
17:39:58 <EvilBob> dcr226: They were release banned in the past
17:40:17 <EvilBob> It's a "preemptive strike"
17:40:20 <dcr226> yeah
17:40:31 <Sonar_Gal> has happened what 2 or 3 releases now
17:40:32 <dcr226> I'm not sure I'm personally +1 for a pre-empt
17:40:46 <dcr226> but obviously I won't loose sleep over it, just voicing an opinion :)
17:41:10 * nirik is ok either way. I'm sure they will mess up again and get the ban, but if we don't want to wait...
17:41:18 <dcr226> nirik, I will be within days
17:41:29 <EvilBob> As they said in the movie industry, No redeeming social value, so it gets X and not R
17:41:29 <Khaytsus> We'll leave the rope out for them
17:42:14 <nirik> so... whats the consensus here then?
17:42:24 <EvilBob> So who here is +1 for the ban?
17:42:29 <dcr226> vote tally time :)
17:42:31 * dcr226 -1
17:42:38 <EvilBob> or -1 for not ban (yet)
17:42:38 <nirik> +1
17:42:43 <EvilBob> +1
17:42:44 <Sonar_Gal> -1 let him hang himself again
17:42:56 <dcr226> ooer...deadlock....lets wrestle!!
17:43:06 <Sonar_Gal> Khaytsus, ?
17:43:07 <EvilBob> Fair enough, let him swing
17:43:11 * dcr226 gets his clothes off....ready!
17:43:17 <Khaytsus> +1 why waste our time with it
17:43:24 <dcr226> its gold :)
17:43:31 <LetoTo> blind!
17:43:39 <dcr226> Heh
17:43:40 <EvilBob> at 3-2 we have not reached a "broad consensus" IMO
17:43:48 <dcr226> yep, good for me
17:44:28 <EvilBob> nirik: Add a final warning note to the ticket if you would please.
17:44:32 <nirik> so, close the ticket taking no action? ask for more voting?
17:44:55 <nirik> I can try... I don't suspect they will listen... ;)
17:44:58 <EvilBob> nirik: Just close it, time will handle it I think.
17:45:08 <nirik> ok.
17:45:09 * dcr226 doesn't think it will last long either fwiw
17:45:10 <EvilBob> Listen or not, we documented it
17:45:25 <nirik> #agreed will wait and see if they require more banning for further actions
17:45:32 <nirik> #topic ticket 111 - Improve handling of unregistered users
17:45:42 <nirik> so, I don't think there's much we can do here.
17:45:55 <nirik> technically speaking the ideas aren't really possible. ;(
17:45:55 <dcr226> agreed...close WONTFIX imho
17:45:55 <EvilBob>
17:45:58 <Khaytsus> Can't fix stupid.
17:45:58 <Sonar_Gal> I actuallly helped 2 users get set up this week
17:46:10 <Sonar_Gal> No system is slow also
17:46:14 <EvilBob> Khaytsus: "Here's your sign"
17:46:25 <Sonar_Gal> They don't get the emails as fast as they think they should
17:46:52 <EvilBob> The user that filed the ticket that was not the case however
17:47:00 <Sonar_Gal> Correct
17:47:06 <EvilBob> their client was joining too fast
17:47:08 <Khaytsus> I too get dumped into unreg even with server password AND a delay.  Annoys me too.  But it's a freenode problem as far as I can tell.  Some people have more trouble than others.
17:47:12 <Sonar_Gal> I helped 2 and neither or them filed a ticket
17:47:13 <EvilBob> I helped them with that
17:47:17 <Khaytsus> Can't fix it on our end, and I do _not_ want to remove the +r
17:47:40 <EvilBob> Khaytsus: from the channel topic "Depending on your client "/set irc_join_delay 10" to delay joining 10 seconds"
17:47:41 <nirik> yeah, we have gone over this.
17:47:49 <dcr226> and over.....and over
17:47:58 <EvilBob> nirik: close it "dead horse"
17:48:01 <EvilBob> ;)
17:48:03 <nirik> we could kill the redirect and make people not be able to speak until registered... but then they just get confused
17:48:16 <EvilBob> We need that as a ticket option
17:48:16 <nirik> anyhow, yeah, +1... sorry, not a way to fix.
17:48:22 <nirik> heh
17:48:25 <nirik> #topic Open Floor
17:48:29 <nirik> anything for open floor?
17:48:53 <Sonar_Gal> quick recap
17:48:57 <EvilBob> I really hope to get feedback on the amendment item
17:49:11 <Sonar_Gal> We are going to work on the sig this week.
17:49:18 <Sonar_Gal> Tuesday
17:49:22 <dcr226> hold up...weren't we going to do something with the feedback spammer?
17:49:29 <EvilBob> Yup the "probation" bit
17:49:43 <Sonar_Gal> EvilBob, and a few other things that need to be added
17:49:54 <EvilBob> dcr226: Yeah we were going to drop it two weeks ago IIRC until the release
17:50:05 <EvilBob> Sonar_Gal: Right
17:50:09 <nirik> dcr226: who?
17:50:21 <EvilBob> nirik: fedbot
17:50:22 <nirik> oh yeah.
17:50:24 <dcr226> nirik, the fedbot feedback spammer...we were going to switch it off for a bit
17:50:26 <nirik> we should do that now.
17:50:29 <cyberworm54> hello guys did the meting started yet?
17:50:29 <nirik> I just forgot.
17:50:30 <EvilBob> It's kind of late now
17:50:36 <nirik> cyberworm54: which meeting are you looking for?
17:50:46 <nirik> lets stop it now and turn it on release night eve.
17:50:54 <Sonar_Gal> nirik, +1
17:50:58 <cyberworm54> nirik infrastructure
17:50:58 <EvilBob> nirik: +1
17:51:05 <nirik> cyberworm54: in 9minutes here.
17:51:11 <EvilBob> cyberworm54: no this is the IRC SIG
17:51:12 <nirik> cyberworm54: so you are early. ;)
17:51:13 <cyberworm54> nirik thank you
17:51:30 <EvilBob> Sonar_Gal: back to your recap
17:51:41 <nirik> #agreed will stop feedback now and re-enable before release.
17:51:41 <nirik> Anything else?
17:52:06 <Sonar_Gal> EvilBob, the sig for op's powers
17:52:28 <EvilBob> Work on this week, vote on Thursday
17:52:35 <Sonar_Gal> correct
17:52:55 <EvilBob> Vote next week I will work on a wiki page for voting
17:53:15 <EvilBob> vote on Thursday
17:53:28 <EvilBob> Handled
17:53:34 <Khaytsus> Gotta run, meeting
17:53:49 <Sonar_Gal> that should cover it
17:53:51 <EvilBob> Let'em swing
17:54:10 <EvilBob> Closed, Dead Horse
17:54:18 <EvilBob> Put a bow on it
17:54:33 <Sonar_Gal> yeah
17:54:37 <Sonar_Gal> Lots to do this week
17:54:47 <Sonar_Gal> ok that should cover it
17:54:55 <EvilBob> s/this/every
17:54:57 <EvilBob> ;)
17:54:58 <nirik> ok, thanks for coming everyone!
17:55:01 <nirik> #endmeeting
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