Minutes/Summary from today's irc support sig meeting (2012-05-31)

Robert 'Bob' Jensen bob at fedoraunity.org
Thu May 31 18:44:44 UTC 2012

Minutes/Summary from today's irc support sig meeting (2012-05-31)

Meeting ended Thu May 31 17:25:16 2012 UTC.
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-- Bob

17:00:29 <EvilBob> #startmeeting
17:00:29 <zodbot> Meeting started Thu May 31 17:00:29 2012 UTC.  The chair is EvilBob. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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17:00:30 <EvilBob> #meetingname irc-support-sig
17:00:30 <EvilBob> #meetingtopic IRC Support SIG Meeting
17:00:30 <zodbot> The meeting name has been set to 'irc-support-sig'
17:00:33 <zcat> ahoy
17:00:36 * N3LRX 
17:00:37 * Sonar_Gal 
17:00:44 * nirik waves. Here, but a bit distracted. Thanks for running the meeting EvilBob
17:00:47 <EvilBob> I'll wait a few minutes for some people to show up.
17:00:48 * Southern_Gentlem 
17:00:57 * thomasj tips hat
17:01:12 <EvilBob> We do have an agenda today please allow us to complete that and bring up additional topics in the "Open Floor" section of the meeting.
17:01:57 <EvilBob> OK we'll get on with it.
17:02:14 <EvilBob> Southern_Gentlem will not be able to join us today, has training for work. The next meeting he will be fully at will be 2012-07-05.
17:02:14 <EvilBob> nirik is busy with his $dayjob working on Fedora's infrastructure.
17:02:33 <EvilBob> Southern_Gentlem is here but may leave for that.
17:02:51 <EvilBob> #topic Week in Review
17:02:51 <EvilBob> #link http://fedora.theglaserfamily.org/ircstats/fedora-weekly.html
17:03:01 <EvilBob> http://fedora.theglaserfamily.org/ircstats/fedora-weekly.html might be down Scott knows about it.
17:03:08 <EvilBob> #link http://fedora.theglaserfamily.org/ircstats/fedora.html
17:03:25 <EvilBob> http://fedora.theglaserfamily.org/ircstats/fedora.html is available.
17:03:40 <EvilBob> Seemed like a pretty good release week so far.
17:04:04 <EvilBob> As always some are getting bit upgrading, especially using preupgrade.
17:04:15 <N3LRX> FedEX at the door downstairs be back in a flash.
17:04:26 <nirik> yeah, we could work on the common bugs doc about that kernel issue with preupgrade. Make a more clear solution there.
17:04:38 <nirik> otherwise a good busy release week.
17:04:38 <EvilBob> Anyone notice anything else?
17:04:42 <EvilBob> nirik: +1
17:04:42 <zcat> Seemed to be a lot of people with grub2/kernel problems too
17:04:55 <EvilBob> zcat: that is related to the above
17:05:31 <EvilBob> I'll try to get to the wiki after my appointment after this meeting.
17:06:04 <EvilBob> Oh, Elections start at 2012-06-01 at 00:00
17:06:21 <EvilBob> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Elections
17:06:23 <zodbot> Announcement from my owner (mdomsch): Fedora Town Hall at 2000 UTC (4pm US-Eastern) with the FESCo candidates. Visit https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Elections#IRC_Town_Halls for information on how to participate and pose questions to the candidates.
17:06:32 <zcat> no other major issues really stood out. the rest landed on the commonbugs page.
17:06:47 <EvilBob> Anything else?
17:07:10 <EvilBob> Moving on...
17:07:21 <EvilBob> #topic Feedback Tickets
17:07:21 <EvilBob> #link https://fedorahosted.org/irc-support-sig/report/1
17:07:34 <EvilBob> We have 4 tickets on today's agenda. 3 for voting and 1 Kudos.
17:07:36 <N3LRX> ok, back
17:07:47 <EvilBob> #topic ticket 108 - Proposal for Ammendment to the IRC Support SIGPolicy
17:07:47 <EvilBob> #link https://fedorahosted.org/irc-support-sig/ticket/108
17:08:11 <EvilBob> Because people are missing today I feel we should push this to next week.
17:08:40 <nirik> +1
17:08:45 <EvilBob> Sonar_Gal and I have an addition to the sandboxed page that we are working on also.
17:08:55 <Sonar_Gal> +1
17:09:15 <thomasj> +1 to push to next week
17:09:22 <EvilBob> OK, Pushed Ticket 108
17:09:25 <EvilBob> #topic ticket 107 - Mass Removal Of Stagnant Voting Members
17:09:25 <EvilBob> #link https://fedorahosted.org/irc-support-sig/ticket/107
17:09:41 <EvilBob> Again, push for the same reasons.
17:09:45 <Sonar_Gal> +1
17:09:49 <thomasj> +1
17:10:06 <EvilBob> Get on the sandbox page and vote after reviewing the header of the ticket.
17:10:21 <EvilBob> I'll try to make it more clear who we are discussing for the ticket.
17:10:37 <nirik> yeah, +1 to delay. I've not had a chance to look.
17:10:37 <EvilBob> My wiki skills are improving.
17:10:39 <EvilBob> ;)
17:10:53 <EvilBob> OK, Pushed Ticket 107
17:11:04 <EvilBob> #topic ticket 105 - #fedora-social and #fedora channel nomination N3LRX
17:11:05 <EvilBob> #link https://fedorahosted.org/irc-support-sig/ticket/105
17:11:17 <EvilBob> N3LRX: Do you have anything to say on this?
17:11:38 <EvilBob> I think we have a consensus for this one.
17:11:49 * nirik was +1 in ticket and here...
17:11:51 <EvilBob> There have been no objections.
17:11:55 <zcat> +1
17:12:02 <EvilBob> +1 from me
17:12:08 <N3LRX> Heh, silent as usual. I'm a better listener than a talker.
17:12:13 <thomasj> +1 here also
17:12:33 <thomasj> to both lol
17:12:42 <Southern_Gentlem> +1
17:12:50 <daMaestro> +1
17:12:59 <EvilBob> One thing I would like to note, this is subject to probation pending the amendment to the policy page. So bot-ops only for now.
17:13:16 <Sonar_Gal> +1
17:13:19 <N3LRX> Understood.
17:13:42 <nirik> well, we have no clear idea what probation means, but if N3LRX wants to just use botops for now until further rules are drafted thats fine with me.
17:13:46 <EvilBob> I will work as a mentor to N3LRX to get him up to speed as is my responsibility as nominator.
17:14:07 <EvilBob> nirik: Yes, that is why I said "pending"
17:14:50 <EvilBob> Passed, N3LRX as a new op. we will get him set up on the bot later today and added to the fas group.
17:15:04 <EvilBob> Welcome N3LRX!
17:15:18 <EvilBob> #topic ticket 113 - Kudos for EvilBob, Hawkwind on F17 snap assistance
17:15:20 <Sonar_Gal> :D  Welcome to the crazy bunch N3LRX
17:15:28 <zcat> ^5
17:15:28 <EvilBob> #link https://fedorahosted.org/irc-support-sig/ticket/113
17:15:34 <nirik> congrats N3LRX. use your powers for good.
17:15:40 <N3LRX> Thanks, I'll do my best not to let anyone down.
17:15:45 <nirik> kudos EvilBob and hawkwind.
17:15:57 <Sonar_Gal> Good job Guys
17:16:14 <EvilBob> Helped out a couple users with the upgrade problem we have seen. I will post details and pass on the ticket link to hawkwind next time I see him.
17:16:23 <EvilBob> ;)
17:16:40 <EvilBob> I'll close the two tickets we covered this week later.
17:16:53 <EvilBob> #topic Open Floor
17:16:53 <EvilBob> Does anyone have anything to add?
17:16:58 <thomasj> EvilBob holding his hand? lol.. kudos :)
17:17:31 <l0ft1369> I have a question
17:17:44 <EvilBob> thomasj: It's an interesting problem that crops up a couple ways. I just followed suggestions that nirik gave another user.
17:17:57 <EvilBob> l0ft1369: Rock the box.
17:18:16 * EvilBob kicks the box over to l0ft1369
17:18:16 <thomasj> EvilBob: i think you did a great job, i was just laughing about the "holding my hand" part :)
17:18:34 <l0ft1369> where can I go to read up on how I can get more involved
17:19:02 <l0ft1369> I've signed up for the lists and I try and help out in the rooms when I can, but I am not sure if I am following all of the rules, or making anyone mad or anything like that
17:19:27 <Southern_Gentlem> l0ft1369,  help in the #fedora channel
17:19:27 <EvilBob> l0ft1369: we are working on clearing up some details, the basics are just jump in and learn, give good advice following other's example.
17:19:56 <EvilBob> l0ft1369: If you goof someone will let you know.
17:20:03 <l0ft1369> nice!
17:20:26 <EvilBob> the biggest thing we try to remember is to not get too many helpers helping one user at a time
17:20:31 <l0ft1369> #Fedora is most active when I am at work (I'm an IT Guy) so I can't give it my full attention
17:20:31 <EvilBob> it just makes a mess.
17:20:37 <l0ft1369> ah ha
17:20:48 <EvilBob> "Too many cooks"
17:20:54 <l0ft1369> right right. I'
17:20:56 <l0ft1369> m
17:21:15 <l0ft1369> I'm trying to get used to using IRC specifically BitchX... it's been a process
17:21:30 <EvilBob> l0ft1369: You will see me back out even if I have hours invested when to many jump on, I tell the user to contact me later if it's not sorted out.
17:21:47 <EvilBob> l0ft1369: I use xchat personally
17:22:04 <EvilBob> l0ft1369: Welcome to #fedora I guess.
17:22:06 <EvilBob> ;)
17:22:14 <l0ft1369> haha thanks :)
17:22:23 <EvilBob> Anything else for the open floor?
17:22:40 <EvilBob> OK quick review.
17:22:50 <EvilBob> We pushed two tickets
17:23:00 <EvilBob> We passed/closed 2 more
17:23:08 <Sonar_Gal> Correct
17:23:09 <EvilBob> I will handle closing those.
17:23:12 <Sonar_Gal> ok
17:23:25 <EvilBob> I will also work on updating the common bugs page.
17:23:42 <EvilBob> Will be a few hours before I get to any of the tasks.
17:24:04 <EvilBob> Sonar_Gal and I will get our addition to the amendment ticket worked on soonish.
17:24:23 <EvilBob> Thank You EVERYONE that made it to the meeting.
17:24:56 <EvilBob> I'll also sent out the minutes/report
17:25:14 <EvilBob> Have a great week everyone.
17:25:16 <EvilBob> #endmeeting

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