Mac OS X cross-compiler problems

Paarvai Naai opensource3141 at
Wed Jan 27 21:56:07 UTC 2010

Hi Erik,

> Great to hear that people are still interested in the work I've done :)

Yes, this will be very useful to me and others.  Many years ago it was
a huge effort to get the ppc cross-compiler working, and it was still
a pain a couple of years back to get the i386 cross-compiler working.
I'm glad to have your tools as a starting point for x86_64 support.
The universal binary feature looks very interesting too.

>> # darwinx-gcc -arch x86_64 -o darwin64 darwin64.c
>> ld warning: in
>> /usr/darwinx/SDKs/MacOSX10.5.sdk/usr/lib/i686-apple-darwin9/4.2.1/libg
>> cc.a,
>> file is not of required architecture
> This is known behaviour. Right now only ppc and i386 are supported.
> Adding support for x86_64 is pretty straightforward so I'm currently
> rebuilding gcc right now with x86_64 support. I'll hope that I can
> publish the result in a few hours (or else it'll be tomorrow evening).

Okay, I was originally confused since x86_64 objects could be compiled
successfully but the linking that failed.  Good to know that you are
already aware of this and are actively working on finishing it.  I'll
look forward to your update in the next day or so.

> The biggest issue so far is the license.. The SDK from Apple contains
> several headers which contain a forbidden license. And next to that,
> pre-compiled binary libraries aren't allowed in Fedora, everything needs
> to be built from source. This means that somebody needs to write some
> scripts to extract all the exported symbols from those pre-compiled
> binary libraries and regenerate fake stubs from this (something similar
> has also been done for the w32api).

By SDK, are you referring to the files in
darwinx-sdk-leopard-312_2621-13.fc11.noarch.rpm? If so, I am familiar
with what you are talking about.  But, aside from these SDK issues,
are there any technical issues remaining with the tools themselves?

Thanks again!

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