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Tue Jan 25 23:42:51 UTC 2011

Erik van Pienbroek schreef op wo 26-01-2011 om 00:30 [+0100]:
> Erik van Pienbroek schreef op di 25-01-2011 om 15:56 [+0100]:
> > The porting guide
> > isn't entirely up to date anymore, but I'll try to update it later
> > tonight. 
> The documentation at
> has just
> been updated to reflect the current state.
> Right now I'm rebuilding everything against GCC 4.6 (HEAD) but it's
> probably going to take some days to get everything built as GCC has
> become more picky about invalid command line arguments which causes
> various packages to fail to build.

Oh yeah, another thing: The Fedora 15 feature freeze is already less
than two weeks away. Unfortunately this gives us too little time to get
the most important pieces (the 5 base toolchain packages) in place. I
think we can better aim this feature for Fedora 16 as rawhide will be
branched in two weeks already. That is, unless people here are willing
to help out with package reviews these coming two weeks to get
everything ready for Fedora 15 before the feature freeze.


Erik van Pienbroek

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