OCaml packages for mingw

Kalev Lember kalev at smartlink.ee
Fri Jun 17 07:44:11 UTC 2011

On 06/15/2011 11:21 PM, Jérôme Benoit wrote:
> I've seen discussion on OCaml's integration in MinGW cross compilation
> suite shipped in Fedora. What is the status of this work ? Is there
> any repo where I can pull .spec file or SPRPMs ?

Hello Jérôme,

There's a rather outdated git repo at:
http://git.annexia.org/?p=fedora-mingw.git;a=tree which has some MinGW
ocaml packages. I think that might be a good starting point.

In any case, Richard Jones (rwmjones on IRC) would know best about the
current state of ocaml packages. You might want to pop in to
#fedora-mingw channel on irc.freenode.net to discuss it.

> I'm very interested in helping 'cause after the first pass to port a
> software written in OCaml to Windows, it's really a pain in the
> ass (to first have just bootstrap Ocaml in Windows with all needed
> libraries and then) maintain it. 

You are very welcome to contribute. I can see how getting the ocaml
cross compiler in Fedora would make life lot easier.

Hope this helps,

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