OpenSceneGraph and plib going to be removed (was: [ACTION REQUIRED v4] Retiring packages for F-17)

Kalev Lember kalevlember at
Thu Feb 2 11:13:36 UTC 2012


Looks like mingw32-OpenSceneGraph and mingw32-plib are scheduled for
removal in a few days. Anyone here needs these?

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Subject: [ACTION REQUIRED v4] Retiring packages for F-17
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2012 16:50:28 -0500
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(comaintainers bcc'd)

Each release, before branching, we block currently orphaned packages.
It's that time again for Fedora 17.

New this go-round is that we are also blocking packages that have
failed to build since before Fedora 15.

The following packages are currently orphaned, or fail to build. If
you have a need for one of these packages, please pick them up.

Due to the orphaning of packages due to inactive maintainers, this list
is a little longer than normal.

If these packages are not claimed, they will be retired shortly before
the mass branch for Fedora 17 on February 7th.


Orphan mingw32-OpenSceneGraph
Orphan mingw32-plib


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