[Bug 673790] Rename Request: mingw32-w32api -> mingw-headers - Win32/Win64 header files and stubs

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--- Comment #12 from Kalev Lember <kalevlember at gmail.com> 2012-02-24 15:16:52 EST ---
The %doc section is missing two license files that are shipped in the tarball:

 - DISCLAIMER.PD (referenced from a number of copyright notices, e.g.
 - mingw-w64-headers/direct-x/COPYING.LIB

Is there a good reason to use a svn development snapshot instead of the latest
stable release (2.0.1)?

The tarball with the svn source snapshot (mingw-w64-src_20120120.tar.bz2)
includes all of the gcc and binutils source code, making it 99 MB in total. It
also has a somewhat different directory structure from the 2.0.1 release
tarball, so the spec file has a lot of conditionals to deal with both cases.
Overall, I'd say that the tarball is less than ideal for packaging purposes.

I would personally put the directory handling conditionals in %prep, so that
other sections wouldn't need to have conditionals all over.

One way to handle the directory layout differences in %prep would be something
like this:
%if 0%{?snapshot_date}
rm -rf mingw-w64-v%{version}
mkdir mingw-w64-v%{version}
cd mingw-w64-v%{version}
tar -xf %{S:0}
%setup -q -D -T -n mingw-w64-v%{version}/mingw
%setup -q -n mingw-w64-v%{version}

Then current %build:
> %if 0%{?snapshot_date}
> pushd mingw/mingw-w64-headers
> %else
> pushd mingw-w64-v%{version}/mingw-w64-headers
> %endif
>     %mingw_configure --enable-sdk=all --enable-secure-api
> popd

... could be simplified to:
pushd mingw-w64-headers
    %mingw_configure --enable-sdk=all --enable-secure-api

And current %install:
> %if 0%{?snapshot_date}
> pushd mingw/mingw-w64-headers
> %else
> pushd mingw-w64-v%{version}/mingw-w64-headers
> %endif
>     %mingw_make_install DESTDIR=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT 
> popd

... could be simplified to:
pushd mingw-w64-headers
    %mingw_make_install DESTDIR=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT

And the this:
> # Make sure that the COPYING file can be found
> %if 0%{?snapshot_date}
> cp mingw/COPYING .
> %else
> cp mingw-w64-v%{version}/COPYING .
> %endif

... would not be needed at all.

Another way to deal with it would be switching to a manually generated svn
snapshot that would only include the relevant code, and would have a similar
directory structure to the 2.0.1 release tarball. This would also have the
benefit of reducing the tarball size by about 95%.

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