Status update on MinGW-W64 in Fedora

Erik van Pienbroek erik at
Sat Mar 3 19:19:21 UTC 2012

Erik van Pienbroek schreef op zo 26-02-2012 om 00:15 [+0100]:
> When the mingw-w64 toolchain for the i686-w64-mingw32 target is in place
> (which will likely be tomorrow) we can start performing a mass rebuild
> of all mingw packages in Fedora 17 against the new toolchain.
> Once the mass rebuild is completed we can continue with the reviews of
> the mingw-binutils and mingw-gcc packages and start with adding win64
> support.

It's been a couple of days since the last status update, so here's a new

The mass rebuild has been performed on Monday and Tuesday. All packages
have been successfully rebuilt! Some packages required additional
patching, but as we already tested everything in the testing repo before
the required patches were already available.

All the new mingw-w64 based toolchain packages including all rebuilt
packages have been pushed to the Fedora 17 stable repository and are
available for all Fedora 17 users by now. Of course, any bug reports are
welcome now as well.

At the moment there's only support for the win32 target
(i686-w64-mingw32) in the Fedora 17 mingw packages. We still need to
introduce the new mingw-binutils and mingw-gcc packages in Fedora for
win64 support. We plan on getting this done in the next couple of days.

Some days ago we also created a FESCO ticket where we ask them for their
approval on a mass rename of all mingw32-* packages so their prefix will
change to 'mingw-' so we don't need to perform reviews for all renamed
packages: Most likely this
ticket will be discussed at the next FESCO meeting this Monday.

Once win64 support is ready we can start with merging everything from
the testing repository back to Fedora.

Speaking about this testing repository: the current plan is to keep it
alive until Fedora 17 is released. However, there won't be any large
updates to it any more, only (critical) bug fixes. When win64 support is
ready in Fedora 17 the amount of activity of the testing repo will be
reduced to (near-)zero to stimulate people to propose/apply their
changes and new packages directly to the Fedora repositories.

Kind regards,

Erik van Pienbroek

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