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Wed Mar 7 00:37:19 UTC 2012

required toolchain components. After that you can use helper scripts
like 'mingw64-configure' and 'mingw64-cmake' followed by a regular
'make' to build win64 binaries for your favorite package

For the packagers among us, the new win64 RPM macros which are mentioned
at can now be used
in your .spec files. With these RPM macros you can build binaries for
both the win32 and win64 targets

The mass rename of all mingw32-* packages to mingw-* has also just
completed. Unfortunately this mass rename has caused quite a lot of
commit mail spam for both the packagers involved and the mingw mailing
list. Again our apologies for this large amount of commit mail spam. It
should all be over by now as all history has now been copied over

This is also the starting signal for packagers to port over their
packages to the new MinGW packaging guidelines and adding win64

A quite large amount of packages was already ported in the testing
repository so for those packages the porting should be relative easy.
The .spec files which have been part of the testing repository can be
found at If you decide to copy
over a ported package from the testing repository to Fedora please keep
in mind that the changelog entries may have diverged a bit so some
manual adjustments may be required there. Also try to keep the names of
the people who helped with the porting intact in the changelog entries
as these people already did a great job which must be credited!

I would also like to give a special thank you to Kalev Lember for his
amazing help in the last couple of days with the git renaming and other
tasks which we had to do. Thanks a lot Kalev!

Tomorrow we'll start with testing the packages which are in rawhide.
Once testing is completed, we'll push the win64 pieces and all renamed
packages to Fedora 17. After that the mingw-w64 feature is
really a fact for Fedora 17!

Happy hacking!

Erik van Pienbroek

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