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On Sat, 2007-06-02 at 20:47 -0400, Oisin Feeley wrote:
> On Sat, 02 Jun 2007 20:29:25 -0400, "Oisin Feeley"
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> > Hi all,
> > 
> > The @fedora-devel news beat is ready for editing here:
> >
> I forgot to add, I'm going to be traveling from June 25th to 
> July 15th and won't be able to write the three intervening
> issues of my beat as a result.

Esp. in thinking about how much effort it is taking, this being our
biggest list to watch, it seems like a good time to get you some

On a normal basis, you could divide the threads amongst 2+ writers.
This provides coverage when someone is unavailable.

I'm *really* like the quantity and quality of content going into FWN
these days.  I want to ensure that we don't have too much early burnout,
too. :)

cheers - Karsten

> Best,
> Oisin
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