EPEL and EPEL's stat script

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at leemhuis.info
Mon May 21 08:24:39 UTC 2007

On 21.05.2007 10:14, Thomas Chung wrote:
> On 5/21/07, Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora at leemhuis.info> wrote:
>> It is no meeting -- it is a weekly report that (apart from other things)
>> includes also the meeting summary. Thus giving it a subject "Fedora XYZ
>> Meeting 2007-MM-DD" would give readers the wrong impression.
>> Would it help if I just send the reports to this list, too?
>> CU
>> thl
> In that case, one of our writers will cover in Beats for Maintainers
> [1] instead of Beats for Meeting and Events [2]
> [1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FWN/Beats/Maintainers
> [2] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FWN/Beats/EventsMeetings

That's fine, too. thx!


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