Decisions on FWN leadership

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Wed Jul 2 01:27:29 UTC 2008

Oisin Feeley wrote:
> Hi all,
> As I prepare to restart the @fedora-devel column I see that there has
> been a change in our organizational leadership.  With the greatest of
> respect to Huzaifa and Pascal I'm not entirely happy with their assuming
> the role of editor for the following reasons
> 1. I expressed an interest in taking over the editorial role to Max
> after it appeared that Thomas was unfortunately unable to continue his
> excellent work

You did? I didn't see it in this list.

> I'm a bit miffed that this decision appears to have been handled as
> though it were "in the gift" of Max, as oppposed to a more open
> discussion. 

That isn't true. It was a open discussion in this list and I didn't see 
you express interest in it. Besides, FWN can be lead by a team of 
interested people instead of a single person and you can very well be 
part of the team as you have been already.


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