Editing chores to be broken up and some questions.

Oisin Feeley oisinfeeley at imapmail.org
Sat Jul 5 18:50:54 UTC 2008

Hi Pascal, Huzaifas,

I've submitted my beat and edited Max's and Nicu's and marked all three
as completed in the Beats Sections table[1].  I was going to write a
brief summary overview drawing attention to highlights of this issue but
I'll wait until the rest of the beats are in.

Looking at the workflow[2] page we need to sort out among ourselves
exactly who has responsibility for what and to then update this page as
our common reference/reminder.

As I mentioned before I'm happy to make an editorial pass over two other
beats besides my own.  Do I, or the beat writer, update the Beats
Sections table[1] to indicate completion?  I guess it's the beat writer
to show us that they've signed-off and are done with the content.

With regard to turning the wikipage into an email which gets blasted out
to e.g. LWN, what do we have to do and which of us will do it?

Finally, how concerned are we with editing for e.g. Active vs. Passive
voice as mentioned in the StyleGuide and discussed previously? 
Personally I'd prefer to follow the StyleGuide and made some minor
changes to the beats I edited in order to follow it. How do our
contributors feel about having their text mangled to follow these

1. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FWN/Beats

2. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FWN/WorkFlow
  Oisin Feeley

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