Mark Bell

Pascal Calarco pcalarco at
Fri Jul 25 14:00:09 UTC 2008

Mark, this is welcome indeed!  I have been covering the Marketing beat 
for the last few months but we are looking for someone to step into this 
role to free up time for other editorial work that needs to be done.

The beat has two components, essentially:

1) Summarize the major points of interest and stories that are posted to 
the fedora-marketing-list each week (archives and to subscribe:;

2) Attend the marketing meeting when they are held and report out any 
major developments that are ready to be made public;

These get documented in the various 'news beats' that comprise Fedora 
Weekly News.  The Beats page is at:

The weekly workflow for writers and editors is here:

Each beat writer basically takes responsibility to write their beat 
weekly, and update the beat page when their beat is complete.

There are various accounts that need to be established, and I found all 
of this a bit opaque when I first joined the Fedora Project, so I will 
try to document the whole thing here, and, if this makes sense, I'll 
take responsibility to add this to the NewsProject/Join page, pointing 
to other pages where this makes sense.

We use wiki software to write the beats now, although in the future we 
are looking at moving to a blog format so we can syndicate stories out 
w/RSS, which isn't possible in an easy way right now.

In order to contribute to the wiki, it is first a requirement that you 
establish a Fedora Infrastructure account.  Here's where to request a 
new account, and there are additional steps such as generating a PGP key 
set and such:

Next, you'll need to do to edit pages, is to establish a new wiki 
account, at:

Once you have that set up, add yourself to the Fedora News Project page 
by editing the page and adding yourself to the list at the bottom with 
your wiki account name, which will probably be in the form MarkBell:

Does one need to join the Ambassadors to join the FWN team?

Then, you can edit the Marketing Beat, and once you are complete, mark 
the beat as COMPLETE by editing and updating the Beats page.

If you ever can't do a beat due to travel, vacation, or simply too much 
work in other parts of your life, that is no problem at all, just mark 
your beat as NOT HAPPENING for that week, and you can pick it up when 
you have more time.

Then each week just repeat the above! :)

I could do the beat for this week since this will take a few days for 
all of these accounts to get set up, and then you could start on this 
for next week's FWN, if you'd like.

Let me know if this raises any questions, and for other folk on the 
list, please do feel free to correct me on anything here!

   - pascal

Mark Bell wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm interested in covering the highlights of Fedora Marketing each week. 
> Offline, I am a reporter for the Daily News Journal in Murfreesboro, TN. 
> ( I've become very interested in the Fedora project over the 
> last few months, and I'm looking for a way to help out.
> Regards,
> Mark Bell
> Public Safety Reporter
> The Daily News Journal

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