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> > I have a minor correction.  I was just reading FWN 133, and in this bit:
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> >   http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FWN/Issue133#Java.2C_So_Many_Free_Choices

<snip correction>

> For the editors -- Is this worth considering a correction?
> Paul

It certainly is. I really appreciate the time that Gary took to clear up
this confusion and am including the following erratum in this weeks
FWN#136.  It's great to get feedback from the experts. I hope the
following is more accurate.

Erratum: FWN#133 "Shark" is a JIT not a VM

GaryBenson kindly corrected an error in FWN#133 "Java, So Many Free
Choices"[1] which reported on the work being done by Red Hat engineers
to expand the availability of a FOSS Java across more architectures. The
gist of the correction is that ''shark'' is not a Virtual Machine(VM) as
stated in the article. Gary explained that OpenJDK is composed of a VM
named "HotSpot" and a class library. "HotSpot" runs on a limited number
of architectures and so there have been two independent attempts to
increase VM coverage. One of these is named ''cacao'' and while it was a
promising project it was uncertain how well it would work. The other is
a Red Hat initiative to explicitly port HotSpot to more architectures by
providing an interpreter named ''zero''. As ''zero'' is solely an
interpreter it is slow and in need of a JIT. This JIT could well end up
being ''Shark''. Thanks to Gary for taking the time to clarify this
point. We encourage readers to correct important technical issues and
misunderstandings and can be contacted via "news at fedoraproject.org".


  Oisin Feeley

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