FWN Issue 136

Pascal Calarco pcalarco at nd.edu
Sun Jul 27 17:33:28 UTC 2008

Oisin Feeley wrote:
> On Sun, 27 Jul 2008 09:09:03 -0400, "Pascal Calarco" <pcalarco at nd.edu>
> said:
>> Thanks to everyone who has finished their beats!  If you are working on 
>> a beat for this week and are still working on it, please take a moment 
>> to update the status on the Beat page 
>> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FWN/Beats -- many thanks!
>> I will start preparing the page for issue 136 tonight, and we'll send 
>> this out tomorrow morning.
> Thank you Pascal,
> I've edited:
> FWN/Beats/Announcements         Max Spevack     COMPLETE
> FWN/Beats/PlanetFedora  Max Spevack     COMPLETE
> FWN/Beats/Developments  Oisin Feeley    COMPLETE
> FWN/Beats/Artwork       Nicu Buculei    COMPLETE
Thanks!  I also checked Max's, David's and Nicu's beats earlier today.  
Not a bad thing to have multiple sets of eyes on these at all.

> I took a look at the excellent FWN/Beats/Marketing (thanks for such a
> readable column) and noticed that people's names were not presented as
> wikilinks.  I changed a couple as an example. Theoretically we should be
> boldfacing GUI application names in our markup, but I'm just using two
> single ticks as I think our export to plaintext would be a bit weird
> with three. 
A good suggestion, and perhaps we should add this to the workflow page.  
The StyleGuide does not mention references for Fedora contributors as 
wiki-links specifically, although some beat writers have been using this 
and I think it would be good practice to make this explicit.

One other style issue is that we should probably edit for a common tense 
through the entire issue.  Some beat writers have been writing in 
present tense with others writing in past tense.  Max's announcements is 
in present tense in this issue for example, while others are in the past 
tense.  Since we're covering developments over the past week, I might 
suggest that we write/edit everything in the past tense.  Sound okay to 

> Other issues we need to consider are the format of the FWN/Beats/Welcome
> (which should contain a brief summary of choice items from the beats
> designed to hook a potential reader's interest) and the publishing of
> the RSS/Atom feed as brought up previously on the list.  I've noticed
> that on LWN our FWN post is no longer a complete text dump, but is now
> merely a link back to our wiki page.  Is that what we want?
Looking back at the fedora-announce archives, this practice changed from 
Thomas Chung's last issue (128) and the first one Max edited (129) [2].  
I agree that it is better that we push out the entire issue with all of 
the text to fedora-announce.  Max et. al.: does anyone feel strongly 
that we should only push the short announcement for FWN announcements 
instead of the full text of the issue?

As for the RSS/Atoms feeds, there was some discussion some time ago that 
this would be more cleanly achieved by moving FWN to Wordpress, and that 
the Infrastructure team was going to get this in place for us.  I 
checked the hosted requests[3], and there isn't an active ticket for 
this.  Do we still want to move to Wordpress, and if so, should we open 
a new ticket to request this be made available to the News project?



[3] https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/
> OK, thanks for taking care of pushing out this issue.  I'm off to get
> some sunshine while it lasts!
Enjoy!  I am putting off mowing the lawn, myself :)

  - pascal

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