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David Nalley david.nalley at fedoraproject.org
Sun Nov 23 18:00:05 UTC 2008

2008/11/23 Karsten Wade <kwade at redhat.com>:
> Suggestion came across the desk to have Fedora News accounts for
> useful microblogging services, i.e., identi.ca and twitter.com.
> Naturally, we prefer identi.ca, but there are a few good reasons to
> grab the twitter.com name as well.  For example, identi.ca for this
> account is now configured to copy updates to twitter.com.  That way we
> can use the identi.ca/fedoranews account exclusively for ...
> * Ongoing Fedora news updates
> * News flashes projected on walls at FUDCon and other events
> * All the other stuff people use these tools for :)
> ... while using just the open source, open content tooling directly,
> but supporting our Twitter using friends at the same time.
> I grabbed and configured the two accounts.  Currently the email is
> sent to me (no alerts configured to email, though); this is because
> I've failed in the past by setting a mailing list as the account,
> thereby sending password reset notices to the world.
> http://identi.ca/fedoranews
> http://twitter.com/fedoranews
> From here, I think we should share the accounts as a group usage so
> that people working on Fedora News and Fedora Magazine have access to
> push *any* updates.  Then we advertize the identi.ca link in FWN,
> etc. and see if people use it. :)
> Any other ideas?
> Who all should have access to the account?
> Any better idea on what to do for email?  (E.g., is there a privately
> archived address FWN uses at all?)
> - Karsten
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Ohhh that's a great idea - if for no other reason than
twitter/identi.ca squatting is becoming rampant.

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