FWN reader survey

Pascal Calarco pcalarco at nd.edu
Fri Dec 3 18:42:13 UTC 2010

On 12/03/2010 11:24 AM, Mel Chua wrote:
>> I would welcome your feedback between now and next Wednesday, when I
>> would like to include the survey with the next issue of FWN.
> The survey looks good to my untrained eyes - I like that you included
> the completion time and the names of everyone working on FWN... will
> probably need to do a lot of blogging/IRC-pinging/personal contacts to
> get folks to take the survey, but the survey itself is good stuff.
> The two Fedora-Marketing-esque folks I can think of with formal survey
> design experience are Robyn and Diana (although I think some Red Hat
> Marketing folks also hang out here?) so if they have a moment, their
> feedback will probably be better than mine... forwarding to Diana since
> I don't know if she's on this list, and I know Robyn is (obviously) ;-)
>> I am thinking we'll be safe to purchase 500 responses for US$35.  I
>> think we would be wildly successful if we got that many responses.  We
>> could also go with 250 responses, for $13 less, but the incremental cost
>> seems minimal between 250 and 500 responses.
> As a Fedora community member, this seems extremely reasonable to me. As
> one of the people with a Red Hat credit card authorized to use it for
> Fedora budget, this also seems extremely reasonable to me.
> Rock on.
> --Mel

Thanks for the feedback, Mel!  Diana, here's the URL for the draft of 
the survey:


    - pascal

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